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HELP! How do you get a CRB clearance?

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    Im new here in this forum, and I'm also new here in London.

    Could anyone advise me how to get a CRB clearance?
    Correct me if im wrong but isn't that for the Criminal Record stuff?

    What documents would I need?

    thanks a lot people.
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    (Original post by pig)
    See http://www.disclosure.gov.uk/ for full info. Cost is £29 for standard and £34 for enhanced (you need enhanced if you're going to be working unsupervised with vulnerable people) but if you're applying because of a job that needs a disclosure the employer may pay that fee.

    And yes the service is part of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), they do a background check on you.
    wow. thanks pig. very informative indeed.
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    Also make sure you know if you want an enhanced or standard when you phone them. Also they will want your job title and employees address. Plus you need to take identification to your employer for varification.
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    check if your employer will pay for your crb before you sent it off, mine was free.
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    thanks to you too mellowyellow.

    although there was kinda conflict in it. We took this health training course in a particular college herein part of the course was to have an internship/practicum at a nursing home..

    When we're about to start the internship, the nursing home required us to get first CRB clearance...so now comes the conflict on who's gonna pay the CRB.

    1)the nursing home says they cannot pay the fee coz they're doing the favor for us-training us for the health care work.

    2) the college where we are trained says they cannot pay the fee, since they are not our employers.

    so, then we're kinda stuck of paying with our own CRB this monday.
    the cost is 50 quids since we'll be working with vulnerable people..
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    by vulnerable people i always thought it was for children cases etc. i only thought that because my mum has the second CRB clearance because she works with the poilce, and had to work on something with the child protection unit. i also thought there was another level after that, i cant remember what it was for though.
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    Vunerable people include children, terminally ill adults, the elderly, adults who are not legally responsible etc... You need an enhanced clearance for this sort of work...

    The other level is standard (as already pointed out), which isn't as rigourous a check.

    For academic purposes, you usually have to pay yourself...
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