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Lloyds TSB Internet Banking

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    Does anyone know how i can pay off my credit card on the website?

    Also, apparently i don't have to pay the whole thing off at once and then i won't get charged too much? The initial amount was £300 but has gone up to £320 ish - is there a minimum i can pay that means i won't get charged loads?
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    Can you not transfer money online to the account? Or just call them and do it over the phone I'm sure they'll let you.
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    Select "Transfers & Payments" from your current a/c and then add a new payee.

    The account number and sort code should be on the slip at the bottom of the statement (the one I pay into is Sort code:77-29-00 Account number: 00000000 but I think it's different depending on what type of credit card you have).

    Make sure you put your card number in as the reference (the full 16 digit number).

    Usually takes a few days as well so don't leave it until the last minute.

    Minimum amount should be on statement and paying that should avoid the late payment charge (that you'd get from not paying anything). Interest will probably still be high though. Not 100% on the charges tbh as I always pay mine off in full.
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    I'm not sure with LLoyds

    But with most credit cards, you can use your debit card to pay the balance off.

    Also, you can pay a minimum amount (as long as you are not over your limit in which case, you will have to pay whatever the difference is + the usual minimum amount.)

    I would really reccomend paying off the full balance each time, this looks better on your credit file and means you pay less in the long run. Paying the minimum each month = longer and more expensive to pay off.

    If i remember correctly, on Lloyds TSB internet banking.. the credit card bit is at the bottom, on the part next to it there should be a drop down menu. Look at the options on there.

    I'm sure you can pay it off, helped my old man last time so it sort of rings a bell.. but i'm not 100% sure what your options are online. You may be only able to pay it off with a bank t/f from your current a/c.


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