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Dissertation help please - pensions

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    I am having some trouble with my dissertation, in particular the economic implications side. I am looking into whether ethnicity affects the levels of private pension coverage, but I am having real difficulties in linking this to an economic theory. I have stated that the disadvantage suffered by ethnic minorities points to an incomplete market for pensions, and hence a market failure, but apparently this is too vague and not very concrete. Is anyone able to offer any thoughts or help on this? Many thanks
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    Have you performed a regression or just observed a correlation? If the former, have you controlled for income etc? I can't imagine penisons companies discriminating against ethnic minorities (the incomplete market approach) but rather that certain ethnic groups may have a lower average income and so be less likely to invest in a private pension. It might also be the case that there's a cultural explanation (which I'm sure you've considered).
    In terms of economics I don't think incomplete markets are a likely or plausible explanation, an income link seems more likely.


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Updated: April 1, 2009
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