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    All of TSR has. Dude, search. Function. Has a reason.
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    i use it. it's amazing. currently listening to Disney Love Songs :awesome:
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    (Original post by i_can_has)
    I've just strted using this 'software' and think it's amazing tbh. Anyone else here use it? Could it threaten the music industry by any chance?
    I use it too and I think it is properly brilliant. Apparently it's legal which is why I use it. And they fund the music industry by the money they get with the ads (which is why it's legal or something?)

    I doubt it'll threaten the music industry - if anything SAVE it from people doing dodgy downloading when you have an easy effective way of listening to stuff.

    they just need to get it on ipods now
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    swear im the only person who doesn't seem to use this :/
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    (Original post by jh_1988_england)
    swear im the only person who doesn't seem to use this :/
    you should try it :yep:
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    Yeah but some songs are still a bit hard to find. Other than that, it's sweet. I've spent the afternoon revising to the String Tribute Players - it's actually really good music to work to. Much easier to concentrate with than the Debussy I was trying to work to before was.
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    Loveee it, the adverts are abit annoying but at least they only last a minute or so! I got it like a week ago and I use it every time i'm on the laptop now
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    Only downloaded it recently but it's pretty impressive. This is exactly what Last.Fm needs though! I love the site but it can be an arse to traverse through sometimes.
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    (Original post by i_can_has)
    you should try it :yep:
    haha...I would...but I want all my music on my i-pod...as sadly I use it a stupid amount :P
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    Never used it, probably never will.
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    Spotify is great, but it mixes up some of the tracks...like some of the Franz Ferdinand tracks are mixed up
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    Yeah its pretty good but i will probably only use it to listen to an album before downloading/buying it. I dont think the software looks all that great though, it looks slightly amateurish but i am sure it will improve with other versions being released. It could really help the music industry though and move the spotlight of illegal downloads.
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    (Original post by Ice_Queen)
    They still need invites? I have a spare one if you want, PM me your e-mail address.
    :dontknow: Might be the Irish thing. I will do, thanks! Wouldn't want to feel like I was missing out.
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    Anyone know why they don't have In Rainbows?
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    I don't think it will last..

    Its just too good.. 1 ad every 30 mins is nothing really :\
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    (Original post by Danielle89)
    not as annoying as having to flick through youtube trying to find videos that are still valid.
    That's really getting to me at the moment. We don't want to have to search through loads of results to find unofficial sources with the videos still up.
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    (Original post by GavinMcG91)
    And Roberta from Spotify sounds hot.
    And looks hot... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7913586.stm :yes:
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    They don't have Tilly and the Wall, who are fairly mainstream... annoying.
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    (Original post by PeteDoherty)
    No there's a distinct lack of music that isn't mainstream
    i agree
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    Spotify is amazing

    Though it probably is too good to last. They were in the paper last week saying that they have had a disappointing start as they were expecting their premium service to be more popular. If im honest, wee roberta doesnt bother me enough to pay a tenner a month :L

    So now they are selling itunes and bumping up the adds


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