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    Scottish Applicant

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Standard Grades/ Int II: 111111AA
    Highers: AAAAA
    Advanced Highers Prediction/Results:AAA (predicted)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 687
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Year at local hospice serving meals and refreshments, A few weeks in the general surgery ward in hosptial
    Extra Curricular:Competitively swim to a high level (22 hours a week), Weights and gym sessions, Training camps in europe and part of national team, Help teach PE at school to young pupils, Paired Reading, Prefect.
    Universities applied to and decisions: Edinburgh - Offer (Conditional on CRB check).
    Newcastle, Sheffield, Glasgow - Interviews for all, but withdrew in December after Edinburgh offer.

    I withdrew from my other options very early after I received my edinburgh offer. My heart has been set on going there for years and so I saw no reason in wasting peoples time, waiting for responses when I had no intention on going anywhere else.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 5A*s, 4As, 3Bs
    AS Grades: 4As
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted 3As
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):650 average
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week at a community hospital, 1 week at a busy DGH, 1 day at a plastic surgery hospital, 1 year volunteering as the Minor Injuries Unit receptionist on Sunday afternoons
    Extra Curricular: Teaching support in year 7 lessons, Reading helper, Play in numerous bands gigging in local area, did fundraising for different charities
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    - BSMS: Offer AAB [Firmed]
    - Bristol: Rejected w/o interview
    - UEA: Rejected w/o interview
    - Southampton: Rejected

    Re: Medics and Applicants Profiles

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 3A*s, 5As, 1B, 1C
    AS Grades: 2As, 2Bs
    A2 Prediction/Results: 1A, 2Bs
    Previous Degree (if applicable): Physiology 2.1, UCL
    UKCAT (if applicable):610 average
    BMAT (if applicable): around 14.5 i think
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks work placement at community centre for mentally+physicaly disabled adults, 1 week in Neurology at a DGH, 4 months voluntry work at a DGH - serving tea/talking to patients, worked as Healthcare assistant for 3 months, worked as research assistant on medical expedition for 12 months, and in a hospital doing an audit, on a research project as project administrator
    Extra Curricular: travelling, painting, sport- swimming and running, gym, cycle touring
    Universities applied to and decitions:

    Barts' 4 and 5year - rejection w/o interview for 4 yr, flew back from working in Nepal for 5yr interview- rejection post interview
    Warwick 4yr - rejection w/o interview
    UCL- rejection w/o interview

    Kings 5yr- offer after interview
    Barts 5yr - offer after interview
    Southampton 4 and 5 yr - rejection w/o interview

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 8A*s (Ch,Ph,Ma,Fr,EngLang,EngLit,Geog ,DT), 2A (Bio,Latin)
    AS Grades: 4As (Ch,Bio,Phy,Ma)
    A2 Prediction/Results: 4As (Ch,Bio,Phy,Ma) 1 distinction AEA (Chem)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT ('06):AVG 683 (Verbal reasoning 770, Quantitative reasoning 710, Abstract reasoning 550, Decision analysis 700)
    BMAT ('06): TOT 19.2 (Aptitude and skills 5.6, Scientific knowledge and applications 6.1, Writing task 7.5)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 Week working in Childrens care home for Children with severe mental disability in Malaysia, 1 Week working full time with GP, 2 Weeks working in Pharmacy, 18 months volunteering on wards on Sundays in local hospital. (Medlink + Medsim)
    Extra Curricular: Rugby team, Grade 8 concert classical guitarist, Scouts +gold DofE, Science in the community demonstrator (for 'gifted and tallented youth' demos)

    Universities applied to and decisions:

    - Oxford offer AAA (firm)
    - Newcastle offer AAA (insurance)
    - Nottingham rejected w/o interview
    - Leicester rejected after interview

    currently nearly a 3rd year medic at Oxford. That is some scary ****.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: 11A*s
    AS Grades: aaaa
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA (predicted)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): -
    UKCAT (if applicable): 717 average
    BMAT (if applicable): -
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week in hospital, 2 days with GP/district nurse, work with elderly at community coffee mornings as part of DofE for 1.5 years, St John Ambulance volunteer, work in hospital shop, week at Vitalise.
    Extra Curricular: DofE, CU at school, prefect, grade 8 piano, helping at science club for lower years, peer counsellor
    Universities applied to and decisions: Glasgow - Offer AAB (january, no interview)
    Newcastle - offer AAA (interview early november)
    Durham - offer AAA (interview early November)
    Edinburgh - rejection, March

    Dont no if you want this as in the end I didnt make my offer but. 2011 entry stuff added in red

    Year of Entry:2008
    GCSEs:5A 4B 1C
    AS Grades: aaab
    A2 Prediction/Results: AABb (Got ABBb)
    Previous Degree (if applicable):
    UKCAT (if applicable):
    BMAT (if applicable):
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks gp
    2weeks hospital
    1year volunteering in a hospital
    1 week with BASICS dr hopefully sorted
    3 days GP - learnt more in these 3days than any of the rest
    Extra Curricular: Taekwondo, piano, st john ambulance
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Pennisula – Offered interview didn’t attend as had 2 offers really wish I had now.
    Hull / york – Rejected after interview
    Newcastle – Offer- AAA
    Sheffield – offer – AAB/AAA (Cant remember sorry)

    Missed my offers so doing biomed at sunderland. If yous want ill up date this as i added to it ready for applying for graduate entry

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: nope
    GCSEs: 4A*s 4As
    AS Grades: B- Critical Thinking
    IB Prediction: HL: Chemistry, Biology, English- 6,6,6
    SL: Maths Studies, Psychology, Spanish Ab- 6,6,6
    36-38 points
    UKCAT (if applicable): 590ish
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 6 months at a hospital roughly
    1 week shadowing doctors at the same hospital
    1 week work experience programme at a different hospital
    1 week at Vitalise (respite holiday home)
    Working at a police station
    Extra Curricular: Martial arts, cheer leading, knitting, charity work, prefect,
    Universities applied to and decisions: Sheffield, HYMS, Peninsula- rejected
    SGUL- interviewed (not too convinced that I won't be rejected from there too )

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:10 A*'s, 2 A's
    AS Grades:aaaa, maths, chem, bio and english
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable):
    UKCAT (if applicable):700 average
    BMAT (if applicable):
    Work Experience/Volunteering:1 week at GPs, 1 week at vitalise, 18 months as a volunteer on stroke unit
    Extra Curricular: drama, school orchestra, part of anti bullying comittee at school, went on a conservation expedition to south africa and volunteer at church with youth ministry.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Bristol- Offer AAB
    Newcastle- Offer AAA
    Sheffield- Offer AAB
    Queen's Belfast- Offer AAAa

    Year of Entry: 2009
    GCSEs: 10A*s 2 Top 5s in the Country
    AS Grades: a (Bio 100%) a (Chem 98%) a (French 98%) + a (GS 100%)
    A2 Grades: A Maths (took early, 92%)
    Predicted: AAA +A in GS
    UKCAT : Average 760
    BMAT: 21.4
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    7 weeks varied between primary and secondary care
    Medlink/MedSim/ATOM course
    Nursing Home
    Extra Curricular:
    Deputy Head Girl
    Run Primary School Chess Club
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Newcastle AAA (Firm)

    Nottingham AAB (Insurance)

    Bristol Rejected Pre-Interview (Feedback= generic blah: hard to distinguish, other candidates were stronger)

    Oxford Rejected Post-Interview (Feedback= ranked after interview 1 place away from an offer )

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 10 A*s, top 5 in the country for Geography
    AS Grades: AAAAA (close to 98% average)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Unless I die/have an accident AAAAA
    UKCAT (if applicable): 700 Average
    BMAT (if applicable): 23.4
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 6 weeks WE, 120 hours volunteering
    Extra Curricular: cricket, swimming, weight training, football, badmington
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge - Rejection post interview
    UCL - rejection w/o interview
    Nottingham - rejection email, consequently withdrawn
    Liverpool - AABB offer

    Comments/advice Academics will get you nowhere in terms of med school admissions. If you do badly in your admissions tests, that is enough to get you rejected. Focus on practicising for the BMAT, especially section 1 and 2, through books, critical thinking resources, IQ-type tests, maths challenges etc.

    In my opinion, for all of you budding cambridge applicants, the BMAT makes up approximately 45% of the total decision, 45% going to interview, and 10% left for UMS. They just do not give a damn about anything else, so make sure you do very well in at least one of the BMAT, or interview. Any time you have for extra curricular activities, spend it on preparing for the BMAT. Yes, it sounds surreal that so much depends on just one exam, but that's just how it is.

    Year of Entry: 2010
    Deferred?: Yes
    GCSEs: 7A*, 4 A
    AS Grades:aabb (Bio., Geog.g, chem. phys.)
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAA (bio, geog ad chem)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 635
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 moths at school for children with special needs, medlink, 3 days in hospital shadowing, st johns, PADI rescue diver, 5 days at G. P. surgery. Jubilee sailing trust tall ships expedition (This was absolutley amazing and i would recomend it to everybody!!!!)
    Extra Curricular: Gold d of e, regional level eventing (horse riding!!!), school swim squad, amnesty international
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    BSMS:-rejection w/o interview
    Keele:-rejection after interview
    UEA: AAB offer after interview!!!

    Year of Entry:2007
    GCSEs:2 A*s, 5 As, 3 Bs
    AS Grades:aabb
    A2 Prediction/Results:AABC
    UKCAT (if applicable):585 average
    Work Experience/Volunteering:1 year volunteering at a kids play scheme, 10 months volunteering at my local blind institute, 6 months work as a medical receptionist in a hospital, 1 week observing in radiology and 1 week in paeds.
    Extracuricular Activitiesurfing (I'm fanatical!), under 25s Devon hockey team (ex under 16s England hockey) Grade 8 violin.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester - offer (firm)
    Leeds - offer (insurance)
    Sheffield - offer
    UEA - interview (withdrew beforehand)

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: 5A*
    AS Grades: aaab
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA [in one sitting, in one year - 23 exams in one go]
    Previous Degree (if applicable): -
    UKCAT (if applicable): 580 average
    BMAT (if applicable): -
    Work Experience/Volunteering: long term clinical placement, 2 weeks GP, 2 weeks on wards, weeks-months helping kids in primary schools/adult learning centres/elderly homes. Charity work; developed a radio and then helped to prevent anti-social behaviour across the UK
    EC - Ran my own radio station at age 17; became a national success shortly after. Head of society, club promotion, captain in local football team, grade 8 piano, grade 5 saxophone.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Dundee (5yr) - 2:1
    Keele (6yr)2:1
    UEA (5yr) - 2:1
    Leicester (GEP) - straight rejection; hell, I feel they didn't even think they looked at my ucas form.

    Advice: Prepare for UKCAT. Buy books for UKCAT and interviews don't matter what anyone tells you . A book I bought for interview practice I believe got me through all 3 of my interviews considering dundee and uea use 7-20 (2 per station at dundee) different interviewers.
    Key thing: Apply to unis you CAN get in to. For example, no point applying to Kings if you have 600 on UKCAT.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 5A* 6A
    AS Grades: aaaa (bio, chem, maths, physics)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA (bio, chem, maths)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 680 720 630 630 ave. 665
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 wk with consultant/junior doctors on ward, 2 days with GP, 14 months volunteering on hospital ward (2-3hrs a wk), 2 years volunteering with kids dance classes (2hrs a wk)
    Extra curricular: Junior rep for theatre society (8 years service) Grade 6 piano, St John young life savers award, college council/charity committee, organiser of Bone Marrow Register clinic in college, Wildlife conservation expedition to S. Africa (summer 2009), Part time job in national trust cafe, chair of college "medsoc" (organising visits and talks from people in the medical profession), Dance (14 years with the same school + awards)
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Birmingham - Offer AAB Firm
    Cardiff - Offer AABc Insurance
    Leicester - Offer AAB already withdrawn
    KCL - rejcetion w/o interview

    I know that my GCSE grades are below the requirement for B'ham but they took into consideration the exceptional circumstances that surrounded them. If you would like to know more please PM me as I would prefer not to discuss it in a public forum.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    GCSEs:2 B's, 2 D's and a bucket load of C's
    AS Grades: n/a
    A2 Prediction/Results:DDe (Biology, Chemistry, physics)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): 2.2 Biomedical science (University of Wales, Bangor)
    UKCAT (if applicable):n/a
    BMAT (if applicable):n/a
    GAMSAT: 56,64,55 - 58 overall
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    - A few years as a voluntary sailing instructor to sea cadets,
    - A few years part time as a first aider at a motor racing circuit (no, not st john's ambulance- a private company!),
    - 1 year placement in a pathology lab as a trainee biomedical scientist (part of my degree),
    - couple of years part time as a nerve conduction technician/physio assistant (electrical testing of patients with ?carpal tunnel/cubital tunnel syndrome),
    - 1 year full time as an mla/traceability officer in haematology/blood bank (alongside the part time nerve conduction job).

    Extra Curricular: 1st kyu shotokan karate, appointed first aider for karate club, level 5 sailing and sailing instructor.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Nottingham (4yr) - Offer :woo:
    St Georges (4yr) - Offer :woo:
    Peninsula - Rejection (i didnt meet their gamsat cutoff)
    Swansea - Withdrawn

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: 9.5A* AB
    AS Grades: aaaaab
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA/AA
    UKCAT (if applicable): 643
    BMAT (if applicable): 22.3
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 7 weeks at a GP + a part time job that followed after for 6 months once a week, 1 week in a hospital, 2 weeks helping disabled children, Pupil mentoring 2 years, 1x week for a year at a primary school and boring stuff eg prefect...
    Extra Curricular: Cricket + Badminton competitively, 5 years Army Cadets - with full first aid certificate from St John's and other awards, Recreational sports like football
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge - Offer AA in Bio Chem (A in maths already achieved)
    Imperial - Offer AAAC (C in geography)
    Kings AAAC ( C in geo/maths)
    Southampton rejected (didn't fulfil their criteria)

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 8A*, 2A
    AS Grades: aaaa (Bio, Chem, Eco, Maths)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Results: A (in Eco), Predictions: AAA (Bio, Chem, Maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 740, 430, 570, 560. Average: 575. Didn't apply to any UKCAT unis because of this score (although in hindsight I maybe should have applied to just one for the hell of it, instead of Bristol just to fill a place).
    BMAT (if applicable): 7, 5, 12 (24 total)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: At time of app, 14 months volunteering in local A&E, 10 weeks paid work at the Mayo Clinic, USA, 10 weeks paid work at an International Export firm, one week w/e in Paris (business w/e), two weeks w/e in QVC and a one month part time job in Toys 'r' Us.
    Extra Curricular: Not much, football, used to write for the newspaper at my old school.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Oxford (Christ Church): Rejected after intervieww
    UCL: Offer (AAB)
    Imperial: Offer (AAAC)

    Bristol: Rejection without interview

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:7A*, 2A, 2B
    AS Grades:aaaa (bio, chem, maths, art)
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable):
    UKCAT (if applicable): 680
    BMAT (if applicable):22
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week hospital, 1 week GP, 1 week bupa care home, at time of app. 8 month circle of support (helping local kids with learning disabilities)
    Extra Curricular: Maths mentor, senior science mentor, orchestra, choir, scouts, gang show, young leader at beaver colony, volunteer at 21st international jamboree
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (sidney sussex): Rejected after interview
    Cardiff: Rejection
    Liverpool: Rejection after interview
    Manchester: OFFER AAB

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:1A, 2B, 1C
    AS Grades:abbb (bio, chem, maths, physics)
    A2 Prediction:AAA
    UKCAT (if applicable): 623
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 years HCA
    Extra Curricular: fluent in three languages other than that I dont have any interests outside of medicine.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Newcastle: Rejected after interview
    Leeds: Rejection w/o interview
    Leicester: Rejection w/o interview
    Keele: offer AAB

    according to newcastle feedback, Im focused too much on single aspects of medicine/being a doctor and dont seem to appreciate the multiple facettes of it...why should I lie about my ambitions and the reason I want to go to medschool? yes of course...to get the place!

    obviously gcse's and AS doesnt seem to be that important to the unis that interviewed me.

    Year of Entry: 2009


    GCSEs: N/A (studied in Finland)

    AS Grades: N/A (did straight A-levels)

    A2 Results:
    CCU (Biology, English Literature, Physics)

    Previous Degree (if applicable): BSc. (Hons) Biomedical Sciences at the University of East (Predicted a 1st)

    UKCAT (if applicable): 2760 (690 average)

    BMAT (if applicable): N/A

    Work Experience:
    - 1 week shadowing in A&E at Lewisham University Hospital, London.
    - 2 weeks shadowing in Neurosurgical Department at Queen's Hospital, London.

    - 1 years voluntary work in a minor injuries unit (St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London).
    - 2 years voluntary work at an inpatient cinema (St. Thomas' Hospital, London).

    Extra Curricular:
    - Play cricket at international level.
    - University rugby captain.
    - Part-time job as a children's sports coach (ages 4-18) while at university. Full-time during holidays.
    - Served in the army as a combat engineer (sapper).

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    - UEA (5 year): Conditional
    - King's College London (5 year): Rejection without interview
    - Queen Mary's (Barts) (5 year): Conditional
    - Queen Mary's (Barts) (GEP): Conditional


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