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    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No
    Standrad Grades and Int 2s: 5A's and three ones
    5th year results: AAAAA in higher Bio, Chem, English, Maths, Physics
    6th year results: AAA in advanced higher Bio, Chem, Maths, A in higher french
    UKCAT: 730 average
    Work Experience/Volunteering: one week at GPs, one week GI ward, one week surgery, 19 months (11 by time of application) at a youth group for RNIB scotland, a little at a care home
    Extra Curricular and other things: badminton, swimming, grade 6 flute and various bands, help teach younger pupils maths, attended medical ethics lectures and other science ones, bronze, silver and gold D of E, PADI diving certificate
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Edinburgh: Unconditional (firm)
    Dundee: Unconditional
    St Andrews: Unconditional
    Newcastle: Rejected after interview

    Here is my updated profile:

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: A* A* A* A* A* A A A A
    AS Grades: A A A A
    A2 Predictions: A A A A
    UKCAT: 605 ~ (540, 690, 560, 630)
    BMAT: 18.4 ~ (5.0, 4.4, 9.0)
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    - A year with Age Concern (volunteering at a residential care home and afternoon club)
    - Over a year volunteering at Oxfam
    - 1 week voluntary placement on a Care of the Elderly ward
    - 1 week shadowing a Consultant Ophthalmologist at two hospitals
    - 1 week observing and working alongside Radiographers & Physiotherapists
    Extra Curricular:
    - Oxjam fundraising (don't really know where this one fits?)
    - Workshop mentor at school (mentor a student for a year)
    - Tennis
    - Photography
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    - UCL: Unsuccessful
    - King's: Unsuccessful
    - BSMS: Unsuccessful
    - SGUL: Conditional (AAA)

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No, already on a gap year (Reapplicant)

    GCSEs: 4A*'s, 6A's and 1B

    AS Grades: AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths)

    A2 Results: AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths)

    Previous Degree (if applicable): -N/A

    UKCAT: 610,680,680,630 = 650
    BMAT: N/A

    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    -1 week in a health centre.
    -1 week on surgical assessment/Urology ward.
    -1 week Neurosurgery.
    -3 weeks shadowing doctors in America, involved Gastroenterology, Neurology, Peadiatrics and a GP. (i have my links, lol)
    -1.5 years and ongoing volunteering at hospital X-ray and A and E.
    -6 months and ongoing volunteering at a chinese medicine store. (something different eh)
    -6 months and ongoing job at care home.

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester: Offer - FIRM
    Leicester: Offer - INSURANCE
    St Georges: Offer - DECLINED
    Leeds: Unsuccessful - FORGOTTEN

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 3A* 7A 1B
    AS Grades: AABBB (Chemistry, Ancient Greek, Biology, Physics, History)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAB (Chemistry, Ancient Greek, Biology, Physics)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N?A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 635
    BMAT (if applicable): 5.3, 6.1, 12.0= 23.4
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    1 week in a elderly care home
    6 months in local shopmobility charity
    Extra Curricular:
    Table tennis
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Imperial- Firm
    UCL- Unsuccessful
    KCL- Unsuccessful
    Southampton- Unsuccessful

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 6A*, 5A
    AS Grades: AAAB
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA (Bio, Chem, Maths)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 540, 720, 620, 650 (average 632.5)
    BMAT (if applicable): -
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 week hospital wards, GP shadowing, St John Ambulance volunteer for 2years
    Extra Curricular: Piano, violin, singing, county youth orchestra, house captain and prefect, young enterprise, weekend job at Tesco
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cardiff - Unsuccessful after interview ~ waiting list
    Bristol - Unsuccessful after interview
    Southampton - Unsuccessful
    BSMS - Unsuccessful

    My best piece of advice: make sure Medicine is really for you before you apply, don't let yourself be pressured. If you have any doubts these will be picked up on at the interview.

    Good luck x

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Naa
    AS Grades: AAAA
    A2 Predictions: AAAA
    UKCAT: 675 cant remember the breakdown
    BMAT: -
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    - Week at the HRI Ophthalmology department, shadowing consultants
    - About a year at a special needs school
    - Hospice work since October '08
    Extra Curricular:
    - Football, Cricket, Golf
    - Guitar
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    - Newcastle AAA
    - Manchester AAB
    - Cardiff - Withdrawn
    - Sheffield - Rejected

    Year of Entry:Deferred?: 2009

    GCSEs: 8 A *s 4As

    AS Grades: AAABC ( As in chem, french, german, B in bio, C in crit think

    A2 Prediction/Results: Predictions- AAAA (i dropped crit think- **** waste of time)

    UKCAT (if applicable): 585

    BMAT (if applicable): NA

    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    - week in A&E
    - various placements in radiology, plastic surgery, burns, gynaecology,general practice and district nursing
    - 6 months volunteering in a school specialised with learning disabilities
    - 1 year at Scope shop
    - volunteer at old peeps home, Scope residential home

    Extra Curricular:
    - tennis, horse riding, sailing
    - viola, piano

    Universities applied to and decisions
    Bristol- AAB ..... Firm
    Leeds- AAB ...... Insurance
    Birmingham- AAB ..... Declined
    Cardiff- AAB.... Declined

    I think with my application it shows that you dont have to have 4 As and a high UKCAT to get an offer. I only had one A in one science and a poor UKCAT, but despite that i still got offers. I did select my unis very carefully- Brum and Bristol dont require UKCAT, and Leeds and Cardiff do not put much emphasis on it. As well Leeds and Bristol do not look at AS grades. I selected unis which looked at my GCSEs closely but not the UKCAT or ASs.

    I think if you have a strong personal statment and just look at how each uni selects their applicants then you will have a good chance.

    Year of Entry: 2009


    GCSEs:3A* 4A 2B 1D

    AS Grades:A bio and physics, B maths, C chem ( A-E-A in the units)

    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA

    Previous Degree (if applicable): no

    UKCAT (if applicable):615

    BMAT (if applicable): 20.9

    Work Experience/Volunteering: Old peopls nomes, A&E, ICU, Orthapaedics, Gastro, Surgery, optometry, opthalmology

    Extra Curricular: Sports Captain, Music

    Universities applied to and decisions:

    UCL AAB (2nd interview)
    Manchester Withdrew

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred: No

    GCSE's: 10A*, 2A (+2 top fives in Eng Lit + Bio)

    AS Grades: 7A's (Bio, Chem, Maths, English, Hist, Critical Thinking + GS)

    A2: Predicted AAAAAAA

    UKCAT: ~625

    BMAT: 19.6

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 month volunteering as an assistant nurse in a Kenyan hospital, . 2 weeks at a local GP, 2 years at Cancer Research UK (shop + lab), 6 months at a nursing home, week placement in radiology, academic year at a specialist disabled primary school

    Extra Curricular: 1 month volunteering as a general assistant at an orphanage in Nairobi, 4week Raleigh trip to Costa Rica/Nicaragua (volunteering in the local community, working on small projects/ providing clean water, etc), School hockey captain, school senior prefect, badminton/tennis clubs, written a book :awesome:

    Uni's Applied to and Decisions:

    Oxford: Interview/Rejection
    Imperial: Rejection
    KCL: Interview/Offer AAA
    SGUL: Interview/Offer AAA/Withdrew

    *Remember it's not all about grades prospective medics*

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Negative

    GCSEs: A* | AAAAAa | BB | C [business | dual science, geography, history, english literature, RS | english language, maths | french]
    AS Grades: ABBC [biology, chemistry, psychology, physics]
    A2 Prediction/Results: AABc/AACc [biology, chemistry, psychology, physics]
    UKCAT: Avg. 537.5

    Work Experience/Volunteering: Three, one week placements with a nice mixture of departments/volunteered at a youth club for about 4-5 months
    Extra Curricular: Football, cricket, snooker and fishing

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Leeds - Unsuccessful [PS: 19/24, academia and referee statement: 11/22 | Total: 30/46 | Cut-off for interview: 38/46]
    Keele - Interviewed - Offer (AAB)
    Nottingham - Withdrawn
    BSMS - Unsuccessful [academic score not competitive]

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No

    GCSEs: 9A*s 1A

    AS Grades: AABA Chem, Bio, Phy and German (taken in year 11)

    A2 Prediction: AAB Chem, Bio, Phy and German (Taken in year 12) B

    UKCAT (if applicable): 615

    BMAT (if applicable): N/A

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week at paediatric department in Maidstone and Tunbridge wells, 1 week in Cardiothoracic surgery in Kings College London, On going volunteering at local nursing home and Mencap.

    Extra Curricular: Dep Head Girl, Leader of School orchestra, 1st violinist of London Schools' Symphony Orchestra, South Indian Dancing, Salsa and Ballroom dancing, Hockey player. Charity fundraiser - annual Diwali event. School President of Amnesty International.

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    St Andrews - Rejected w/o interview (predicted grades)
    BSMS - Offer - AAB
    Cardiff - Offer - AAB
    Sheffield - Rejected w/o interview (predicted grades and UKCAT score)

    Well, my info's thoroughly out of date but hey, might as well post it just in case it's of use to anyone.

    Year of Entry: 2006

    Deferred?: Yes - applied for deferred entry during 2004-5 cycle, to start course in 2006-7 academic year.

    GCSEs: 8A*, 1A, 1B

    A2 Results: AAAA in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Theatre Studies

    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A

    UKCAT (if applicable): N/A

    BMAT (if applicable): N/A

    Work Experience/Volunteering: One day shadowing an occupational therapist, two weeks shadowing an orthopaedic consultant and his team. Two weeks in a local primary school. Volunteered in my local hospital, both on a general ward and in the oncology department. Two years' volunteering in a summer scheme for kids with ASDs. Volunteered on peer mentoring scheme with young asylum seekers. Gap year volunteering - teaching English to kids in Thailand (obviously not done when applying, but mentioned plans on application).

    Extra Curricular: Head Girl at school. St John Ambulance cadets. Lots and lots of musical theatre (and I'm pretty sure the only thing that got me a place was how enthusiastic I was about this particular e/c activity in interview!)

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    King's College London - conditional offer AAB - accepted
    Newcastle - rejected w/o interview
    Edinburgh - rejected w/o interview
    Nottingham - rejected w/o interview


    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 8 A*s, 1 A (maths, statistics, english, double science, geography, history, french, citizenship & R.E), distinction in GNVQ ICT
    AS Grades: AAAA
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA in english, french, history
    UKCAT (if applicable): 695 ish
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 6 months working as a ward assistant, 1.5yr working as care assistant, volunteering at a playgroup for children with learning difficulties, 2 weeks work experience at GP surgery, 4 days work experience at hospital (sitting on clinics/shadowing staff on the wards), 1 week shadowing consultant psychiatrist
    Extra Curricular: Deputy head girl - organised mentor schemes & tours for parents, member of school & community orchestras (clarinet), badminton
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Bristol - medicine with foundation year - rejected without interview
    Cardiff - medicine with foundation year - cancelled my application as they were taking too long & had an offer from Sheffield which was my first choice
    Sheffield - medicine with foundation year - offer (unconditional as already have the grades)

    Year of Entry: 2006
    Deferred?: nope
    GCSEs: 8A* 3A
    AS Grades: AAAAA
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): N/A
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 years worth of volunteering with Age Concern and a local stroke club. Sum total of about a month of shaddowing in hospital, GP and some community care settings (this was particularly useful to talk about! most med schools seem a bit mental about care in the community)
    Extra Curricular: DoE, musical instrument, lots of random schooly things that i don't really remember anymore, quite a lot of maths stuff as well....
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Liverpool AABb
    Glasgow AAB
    Bristol rejected w/o interview
    Edinburgh REJECT

    Year of Entry: '09
    Deferred?: Nup.
    Standard Grade: 1111112 (Eng, Math, French, Comp, Chem, Phys, Geo)
    Higher: AAAAA (Eng, Bio, Chem, Maths, Geo)
    Adv Higher (Prediction): AAB (Maths, Chem, Bio)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 655 avg.
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week at w/e programme at hospital. 6-ish months volunteering at nursing home.
    Extra Curricular: Snowboarding, Football, Basketball etc. etc.

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Aberdeen: Rejected post-interview
    Dundee: Unconditional post-interview
    Glasgow: Rejected post-interview
    Edinburgh: Out-right Rejected (no interviews)


    Year of Entry : 2007
    GCSEs: 4A* 5A
    AS Level: AAAAB (Bio, chem, physics, econ, self taught law that I resat a module in A2 to bump up to an A)
    A2 Level: AAA (Bio, chem, econ)
    BMAT: N/A
    UKCAT: 650ish
    Work Experience: 6 months 2 hrs a week in a special needs school, six months in a walk in centre 2hrs a week, one week in a hospital shadowing docs.
    Extracurricular Activities: ABRSM Grade 5 guitar, sailing RYA level 2, PADI Open Water diving, Young Enterprise MD.

    Applications and Results:

    Barts and the London AAB Firm
    Leeds AAB
    Glasgow AAB
    Sheffield Rejected without interview

    (Original post by Helenia)
    God you guys make me feel old!

    Year of Entry: 2003
    Deferred?: Yes
    GCSEs: 10 A*s, 2½ As
    AS Grades: AAAA (Maths, Chem, Bio, German)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA (predicted and achieved)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): None
    UKCAT (if applicable): Not invented. :redface:
    BMAT (if applicable): Took the MVAT (its precursor) and got As for both papers (A=top 20%)
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks in GP, mostly reception/admin, with a couple of clinics.
    1 week A&E shadowing various SHOs (and fainting on a nurse!)
    Volunteering - 3ish years as a Young Leader with Brownies (plus work in regional youth council and taking Queen's Guide award), several weeks here and there at a local nursery.
    Extra Curricular: School choir - head chorister. Grade 7 cello, grade 6 piano, played in county youth orchestra. House prefect. On various school teams for netball, hockey and swimming, but not outstanding.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge - interview and offer AAA in Maths, Chemistry and Biology (accepted)
    Nottingham - interview and offer AAB, with As in Chemistry and Biology (declined)
    Southampton - offer AAB (declined)
    Newcastle - rejected.
    I feel older still...
    And i realise i did jack all work to get in. I must be great at interview!

    Year of Entry: 2001
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 3A*s, 4As 3Bs
    A -level Grades (before the days of AS!): AAAA (Maths, Chem, Bio, General studies)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): None
    UKCAT (if applicable): Not invented. :redface:
    BMAT (if applicable): Took the MVAT (its precursor) and got something goodish. Never given the score though
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 days in GP,
    Medsim (sucks, don't waste your money)
    Extra Curricular: House captain. nil sports or socs though.

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge - interview and offer AAA (accepted)
    Nottingham - rejected without interview
    Edinburgh - rejected without interview
    Shefield - rejected after interview (but I already had offer for cambridge)

    Year of Entry : 2008 (applied while on gap)

    GCSEs: 5A*'s 5A's

    AS Level: AAAABc (PE, Bio, GS, Maths, Chem, Crit Think)

    A2 Level: AAABB (PE, Bio, GS, Maths, Chem)

    AEA: Bio U

    BMAT: N/A

    UKCAT: 702.5 I think... obv changed when they cut a section.

    Work Experience: Year of hosp volunteering, year of hospice volunteering, was on gap year working as GP receptionist, 3 days GP, 2 weeks Paeds, Resp, Vasc, Endo, GI. 1 week Ortho. 1 day Dialysis. 1 week Care of Elderly, 2 days Genetics labs

    Extracurricular Activities: House Captain, Prefect, DoE [nearly] Gold, plus Bronze & Silver, Bio Olympiad Bronze, Clarinet Grade 5, Peer Mentor for a year, Charity Committee Leader, volunteer teaching assistant with Yr7 science, school hockey, netball, football and athletics, district cross country, worked since I was 15 (paper round, chip shop), ballet & jazz dancing, orchestra....

    Applications and Results:
    Aberdeen: Interview, Unconditional Offer - now completed 1st year and loving it
    Cardiff: Withdrew before I ever heard anything from them
    Sheffield: Rejected after interview (was terrified, performed at the level of a primary school child, complete with long silences and giggles)
    Leeds: Rejected without interview (A2 grades not good enough).

    Originally applied for Medical Genetics at Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester, and Nottingham, Evoluntionary Bio at Exeter, and NatSci (Bio) at Cambridge, and got offers from the first five (Cambridge interview was dire). Only decided I wanted to do Med in Jan 08, and pretty much all work exp was done after that.

    Good idea but I think most profiles here are on the upper scale of successful medical entrants.

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 11A*
    AS Grades: AAAAA (biology, chemistry, physics, maths, history)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAAA/ achieved. Also AEAs in chemistry and biology.
    UKCAT: Average 810
    BMAT: 8.3, 7.4, 10.5

    Work Experience/Volunteering:

    3 months of hospital based shadowing (surgery, outpatient clinics, wards, major specialities); experienced healthcare system in different countries (America, South Africa, India); volunteered at my local community hospital for over a year.

    Extra Curricular:

    President of college student union, captain of cricket team, member of debating club and gold D.O.E. Took part in various projects and quizzes related to my science subjects. Various other things.

    Universities applied to and decisions: Cambridge (Trinity), Imperial, UCL and Edinburgh. Received offers from all; Cambridge and Imperial firm and insurance respectively.


    Year of Entry: 2006
    GCSEs: 1 A*, 6 A's, 3 B's
    AS Grades: ABBB (Psych, Bio, Chem & Eng Lit)
    A2 Grades: AAB (Psych, Bio, Chem)
    UKCAT : didn't exist in my day
    BMAT: why the hell would I bother making this process harder than it already was??!!
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 Months working at a GP's surgery, observing and helping in baby clinics etc. and doing general medical admin.
    1 week on a hospital ward being ignored by nurses before they packed me off to endoscopy for the last day.
    2 days in an old folks home doing "chair-based exercises" and colouring stuff in.
    Extra Curricular:
    Prefect & "House Programme Co-ordinator" (whatever the feck that was). Did Bronze D of E. Rode horses. That's about it really. I wasn't a musical/sporting prodigy, nor did I go out of my way to wipe sick kids arses etc etc. I was just "me" and I don't think they liked that.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    St Georges - Rejected after interview.
    Keele - Rejected after interview.
    Leicester - Rejected.
    Cardiff - Rejected.

    My offer for cardiff psychology was AAA, I wasn't predicted that, I didn't obtain anything near that at AS, my personal statement was all "I wana be a dr...", and yet I got the offer within days of my app being sent.


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