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Medics and Applicants Profiles - NO DISCUSSION

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    This thread is based on an idea me and Hygeia have been working on.

    Basically, a lot of people seem every year to ask whether their grades/work experience/UKCAT etc. is good enough. The idea is for people that have been through the UCAS system to put up a profile of their application and what the decisions by the respective Unis were. This would hopefully give people a vague idea of what was good enough for certain Med Schools, and also that exceptional candidates can get rejections. Hence it'll be good if there is a wide range of profiles, from a lot of different types of circumstances.

    Depending on interest and popularity, I may provide links from the first post for each profile filed under the Med Schools they applied to. These can now be found in this wiki page which the TSR Medicine Mods will keep updated (please continue to use this thread to post profiles once all your decisions have been received).

    Now, obviously a thread like this can very easily turn into a bragging contest, and it wasn't designed like that, as is designed to be helpful to applicants. So there's nothing to stop you from simply posting your credentials and never coming back to this again if you want to. Please keep all discussion to this thread: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=975702

    Here's the template if you wish to post your details:

    Year of Entry:
    Standard Grades Int2s (Scottish applicants):
    AS Grades:
    A2 Prediction/Results:
    Higher grades (Scottish applicants):
    Previous Degree (if applicable):
    UKCAT (if applicable):
    BMAT (if applicable):
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    Extra Curricular:
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Feel free to let me know if you think I've missed anything, or have any opinions on improvements or anything.

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    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 6.5A*, 3A, 1C
    AS Grades: aaaa in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAa in Maths, Chemistry and Physics (with AS Biology)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 720, 760, 670 750, Average 725
    BMAT (if applicable): 7.9, 5.6, 12.0, Total 25.5
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week Hospital, 1 week GP, 4 months volunteering at local Hospital
    Extra Curricular: Football for a local team, variety of other sports like running, cycling etc. (mainly to stay fit for football), peer mentoring, some film reviews for a local newspaper.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Oxford (Offer AAA)
    Imperial (Offer AAA)
    Newcastle (Offer AAA)
    Barts (Offer AAA)

    Year of Entry: 2006
    Deferred?: nope
    GCSEs: 7A*s and 2As (double science, maths, english lang and lit, french, german and As in history and music)
    AS: 4As (biology, chemistry, maths, physics)
    A2s: AAA (biology, chemistry, maths)
    Extra Curricular: st john ambulance - full first aid certificate + manual handling + medical gases certification + NCO, grade 8 violin, working on grade 8 piano, various orchestras (including leading school orchestra), school council, school listening service, student librarian at school etc.
    Work Experience / finding out more about medicine: Medlink, Medsim, 1 year work exp at a vets, 1 week on a ward, 1 week work observation placements (including time in theatres and GPland), 2 trips to Romania working in various institutions and orphanages voluntarily, st john duties
    Nottingham: interviewed 2/12/05, rejected officially 11/04/06, apparently I'm not empathetic...
    St George's: interviewed 6/12/05, rejected 15/12/05 no extra feedback given
    Edinburgh: rejected 13/03/06, not enough A*s at GCSE, too many applicants and apparently only average extracurricular activities
    UEA: interviewed 10/04/06, AAB offer 11/04/06... CONDITIONAL FIRM
    Charles University Prague, Offer: conditional on completing a levels

    These details are for Isometrix

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 8A* 2A
    AS Grades: AAAA in Chemistry (285), Biology (300), Physics (281) and Maths (280)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA
    UKCAT (if applicable): 580, 710, 530, 690 = 627.5
    BMAT (if applicable): 5.9, 4.4, 9.0 = 19.3
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 weeks hospital, 1 week GP, Over 2 years combined voluntary work.
    Extra Curricular: 1st XI Cricket team, County Chess player, Piano, Duke of Edinburgh Gold.
    Universities applied to and decisions: St. John's College, Cambridge (Interviewed: Rejected), Imperial (Rejected w/o interview), Leeds (Interviewed: AAB), Manchester (Interviewed: AAB)

    Firmed Leeds, Insurance was Manchester in case I don't get the grades and by some miracle they're still willing to accept me if Leeds don't (i have nothing to lose so might as well!)

    I added about a degree in there, maybe my post will be useful for people applying to GEP courses.

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: no
    GCSEs: 6 A's 5 B's
    AS Grades: BCD
    A2 Results: BCE
    Previous degree: Anatomy and Human Biology (2:1)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 700
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 weeks hospital and GP. Mixture of things, surgery, home visits, outpatient clinics etc.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Warwick GEP - accepted with 2:1
    Barts and the London GEP - rejected although offered place on 5 year course
    Birmingham GEP - rejected
    Leicester 5 yr - rejected

    Hope that's useful x

    Edit: What a dunce, i got my UKCAT score wrong. Was 670 before abstract reasoning was taken out, after that it went up to 700.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nein
    AS Grades: AAAB
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA prediction
    UKCAT (if applicable): 613/612 or something of the sort
    BMAT (if applicable): 18.1 (5.4, 5.2, 6.5 I think)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Week in a hospital A&E department, 1 week as a volunteer for sick pilgrims in Lourdes, 1 week as a residential volunteer for the charity vitalise, long term volunteering at a local hospice once a week
    Extra Curricular: Rowing + part time job plus other interests, Open University course in Molecules, medicines and drugs and a 3 day conference on Darwinism and Contemporary science in London
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    UCL - Interview- Offer AAB
    Newcastle - Interview- Post interview rejection
    Leicester- Interview- Post interview rejection but the rejection came after I withdrew
    Aberdeen - Interview- Withdrew after getting my UCL offer, before the interview.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 7.5A*, 3A
    AS Grades: aaaa in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA in Maths, Chemistry and Biology
    UKCAT (if applicable): 755 (can't remember breakdown will edit if I find the piece of paper!)
    BMAT (if applicable): 6.1, 6.1, 9 Total 21.2
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week Orthopaedics Ward + Surgery, 1 week Pharmacy, 1 week Hospital - Renal and Endoscopy, 1 week Nursing home, 3 years volunteering for local League of Friends, Peer Counselling scheme Various lectures broadly related to medicine Inc - Polonium poisoning, Micro and Macro Vascular disorders, Diabetes
    Extra Curricular: DofE - Bronze,Silver & Gold - Also help out training this years Golds/Silvers, Motor Boating, Sailing, Hockey
    Universities applied to and decisions: Imperial (Offer AAA), Southampton (Offer AAB), PMS (Offer AAB) UCL (rejection given option to reapply, felt I would benefit from a gap year to mature)

    Edit ECs added

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 7A* 3A
    AS Grades: AAAAb (Bio, Chem, Math, RS, Critical Thinking)
    A2 Results: AAAA (Bio, Chem, Math, RS)
    UKCAT (if applicable): ~590 average
    BMAT (if applicable): Sorry I can't remember
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Residential home, Extended project, physiotherapy placement, Youth leader with St Johns Ambulance, various courses with St Johns Ambulance (e.g. first aid, leadership)
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cardiff - interviewed, rejected
    Cambridge (Trinity) - interviewed, rejected
    Leicester - interviewed, offer AAB
    Hull York - interviewed, rejected

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 6 A*, 5 A, 2 B, 1 C
    AS Grades: AAAA (Maths, Chem, Bio, Phys)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA/AAA (Maths, Chem, Phys)
    UKCAT (if applicable): Can't remember exactly, it was 700 + though
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Here
    Extra Curricular: Grade 8 Clarinet and Saxophone, County and National level music commitments, Cycling
    Universities applied to and decisions: Manchester (AAB), Peninsula (ABB), Newcastle (Rejected after interview), Edinburgh (Rejected)

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: No, but I took a gap year and applied during the gap year 2007
    GCSEs: 6 A*, 2 A, 3 B (Bs in mathematics, chemistry and physics)
    AS Grades: AAABB (was abbc before resits, note the c in chemistry)
    A2 Results: AAA + AEA English (note the improvement in chemistry grade)
    UKCAT (if applicable): Can't remember. Was slightly above average. I think average was 600? Somewhere between 600 and 700 I think.
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: HCA during gap year, worked at elderly care home for a couple of months, charity shop, a couple of days in a hospice, worked in a clothes store (note no shadowing doctors as such, unless my HCA job counts to an extent, no helping people in poor countries etc)
    Extra Curricular: Not musical/sporty/dramatic. Debating, swimming, cycling, a bit of drawing/painting. Nothing too serious. Young Enterprise, Millenium Volunteers 200 hours award
    Universities applied to and decisions: St Andrews, Leicester, King's, Bristol

    Year of Entry: 2010
    Deferred?: Yes
    GCSEs: 3A* 6A 1B
    AS Grades: CCDD
    A2 Prediction: ABBB
    UKCAT (if applicable): 526
    BMAT (if applicable): n/a
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Year and half volunteering at hospital, weeks work experience at hospital, visits to GP, know two junior doctors personally, worked at Sainsbury's for two years
    Extra Curricular: Student union officer, hockey
    Universities applied to and decisions: Barts - Rejected (UKCAT)
    Leeds - Rejected (Grades)
    Leicester - Rejected (Grades)
    Peninsula - Rejected (Grades)

    Mine is well out of date, but I'm bored so i'll do it anyway.

    Year of Entry: 2004
    Deferred?: no
    GCSEs: 7A* 3A's 1B
    AS Grades: AAAB
    A2 Results: AAAA Maths, Bio, Chem, Phys
    Previous degree: none
    BMAT (if applicable): 5.9 + 4.3 + 8.7 (pilot scheme though!)
    Extra Curricular: Bass Guitar - band with many local gigs, school/local sunday league football team, World Challenge to Australia raised 3k and trekking training.
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week acute medicine 6month 1 afternoon per week in an Alzheimers daycare centre.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Leicester - Offer AAB
    Sheffield - Rejected
    Nottingham - Rejected
    Corpus Christi Cambridge - Rejected

    Sorry if it's no use as its ooooold.

    Year of Entry: 2005
    Deferred?: yes
    GCSEs: 5A* 3A 1B
    AS Grades: AAAAA (Chemistry 298, Biology 243, Maths 286, Psychology 264, General Studies 260)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAA - Actual AAA (Chemistry 598, Biology 585, Maths 564, AEA Chemistry Merit)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): n/a
    UKCAT (if applicable): n/a
    BMAT (if applicable): 5.7, 6.3, section 3 was unmarked in my cohort
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 months at a primary school as a teacher's assistant, 5 weeks in pathology/radiology
    Extra Curricular: prefect, cricket 2nd XI, Chair biology society, Young Enterprise
    Post application: Biology Olympiad gold, Chemistry Olympiad silver, School Prizes in Psychology, Biology, Chemistry
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (King's College) - Offer, Firm AAA
    Birmingham Offer, Insurance AAB
    Manchester (Keele) Offer, Declined AAB
    Edinburgh Unsuccessful

    Year of Entry:2007
    GCSEs:5xA* 6xA
    AS Grades:AAABC
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAAA/AAAC
    Previous Degree (if applicable): None
    UKCAT (if applicable): 650 average
    BMAT (if applicable): Not sat
    Work Experience/Volunteering: An afternoon a week at the local hospital voluntary services department being sent out to help on wards, for two years. A few weeks in a nursing home. (how much resemblance that bears to what I actually did is open to debate)
    Extra Curricular: Lots of gliding, note how medical safety regulation is modeled on aviation, and getting more so.
    Universities applied to and decisions: St Andrews, offer
    Leeds, offer
    Aberdeen, offer of anything but medicine at silly low grades, then offer on results day.
    Cardiff, rejected.
    I had an arrangement with bath that a place for electrical engineering was available if I wanted it too. (outside UCAS)

    Graduate Entry

    Year of Entry:2009 (applied for 2008 entry)
    Deferred?: Yes (not by choice, was put on waiting list)
    GCSEs:2A 6B 2C
    AS Grades: BCCC
    A2 Results: CDE, Bio, Chem and Maths
    Previous Degree (if applicable): Human Biology 2:1 (Staffordshire uni)

    UKCAT : Verbal Reasoning 700
    Quantitative Reasoning: 640
    Abstract Reasoning: 540 (Not included due to concerns from UKCAT, so for this year only abstract reasoning was not included)
    Decision Analysis: 560
    Average: 633 1/3

    GAMSAT :Section I: 60
    Section II: 62
    Section III:57
    Overall: 59

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 Year* as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in Haematology. 6 months* volunteering on a Cardiology and Renal ward, 6 months* as a First Aider for the British red cross.

    *at time of application, obviously a lot longer now

    Universities applied to and decisions:Swansea 2008 GEP - Rejected pre-interview
    Nottingham 2008 GEM - Rejected post-interview
    St Georges 2008 GEP - Rejected post-interview Then Accepted out of the blue in July 2008 for 2009 entry!
    Warwick 2008 GEP - Rejected pre-interview

    Hope this helps show some people worried about Grad entry it is not all about the grades. GAMSAT and UKCAT were taken in 2007 for 2008 entry.

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 9 A*s 2 As
    AS Grades: aaaa in chemistry, biology, maths and physics
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA in the above
    UKCAT (if applicable): 702.5 average I think
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 days hospital, 2 days GP
    Extra Curricular: Amnesty International, bit of current affairs society, Saturday job in a pharmacy.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Glasgow AAB: firm
    Manchester AAB: insurance
    Liverpool: AABb
    Queens Belfast: AAAa

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 5A*'s, 5A's and a B
    AS Grades: AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA (Biology, Chemistry and Maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable):
    UKCAT (if applicable): 640
    BMAT (if applicable):
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 weeks work experience in a hospital, almost 1 year volunteering in a hospice.
    Extra Curricular: Flight Sergeant in Air Cadets, 1st Kyu Brown Belt in Karate.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Newcastle - Offer AAA
    Lancaster - Offer AAB
    Liverpool - Offer AAB
    Manchester - Rejected

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: Nah
    GCSEs: 4 A*s, 4.5 A's, 2.5 B's
    AS Grades: A (maths) BBBB (bio [2 UMS off A], chem [3 UMS off A], further maths, GS), C (physics).
    A2 Results: AAA (bio, chem, maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): n/a
    UKCAT (if applicable): 685 (700, 690, 690, 660)
    BMAT (if applicable): n/a
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 8 months volunteering on hospital ward
    pharmacy assistant in local pharmacy, undertaking sales of medicine course
    Extra Curricular: D of E bronze, silver and gold
    Played Hockey, clarinet, and sing in school choir
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Leicester, Interview, Offer AAB (first choice), Grades acheived, attending
    Notts, Rejection w/o interview (no feedback)
    Soton, Rejection w/o interview (inferior to other applicants)
    Cardiff, Rejection w/o interview (GCSE grades not good enough)

    Year of Entry:


    2A*s 5As 4Bs 1C

    AS Grades:
    AAAAB (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Studies)

    A2 Prediction/Results:
    AAAAB (Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, General Studies)

    Previous Degree (if applicable):

    UKCAT (if applicable):
    675 average

    BMAT (if applicable):
    N/A this year

    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks hospital pharmacy
    1 week doctor surgery
    1 week medical centre
    1 week another medical centre
    1 month hospital in Mexico

    Extra Curricular:
    Was a prefect in school
    Red Cross 2 hours a week
    Qualified First Aider
    Volunteering in a Nursing Home

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Barts and the London - Offer! Conditional on Health Checks ie Unconditional
    St Georges - Rejection after interview
    Keele - Interview invite but withdrawn before attending due to having the Barts offer
    Kings College - Rejection without interview...

    Also... Maths at Nottingham - Offer :awesome:

    And if anyone is interested on my failure of last year :p:

    UKCAT (if applicable):
    670 average - increased to 693 or so when they removed a section

    BMAT (if applicable):

    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    As above without the month in Mexico

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    UCL - Rejection after interview
    Kings College - Rejection after interview
    Bristol - Rejection without interview
    Southampton - Rejected (Don't interview)


    What if you don't have any GSCEs or A-levels? This thread is awful. :p:

    Scottish Applicant:

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Standard Grades: 1111112 (Int 2 A)
    Highers: 5A's (Chemistry, Human Biology, Maths, Computing, English)
    Advanced Higher Predictions: 3 A's (Chemistry, Biology, Music)
    UKCAT (if applicable):703
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week hospital, 1 day (mammoth, i know) GP, 3 months volunteering in children's ward
    Extra Curricular: Piano - Grade 5, Guitar - Grade 7. Head Boy. First aid. Honestly can't remember what I put.

    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Edinburgh - Uncond.
    Aberdeen - Uncond.
    Newcastle - Interview - withdrawn (received offer from first choice and my ego is big enough)
    Dundee - Interview - withdrawn (as above)


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