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Good places to live in Birmingham??

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    I am coming to the end of my 3rd year at uni. I have secured a job in Birmingham near the Washwood Heath area, but after doing some research found its not a good place to live.

    As you have probably guessed I am not from this area and have no clue about it. If you could advise on the 'good' areas I would be most grateful

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    Washwood Heath isn't a good area to live really. I would suggest looking a bit further a field if you can commute - Walmley, Sutton Coldfield,
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    Try looking around erdington which isnt toot far
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    (Original post by cdot)
    Try looking around erdington which isnt toot far
    Erdington's ok but there are better places!
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    Yeah Sutton Coldfield, or further out, but I imagine it might be a bit expensive!

    I don't think anywhere in east Birmingham, where Washwood Heath is, is particularly 'nice' though... Harbourne and parts of Edgbaston are nice I think, also south Birmingham is ok but they might be a bit too far away.

    I'm not from Birmingham but the above is just from what I've gathered from other people and driving around the city!
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    Noooo - not the areas like washwood heath :P
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    Great Barr ent to bad but u might find some of the houses a bit expensive and it might make commuting to work a bit awkward.
    if not you cud try perry barr, but onli the part close to one stop shopping centre on the great barr side. the other part is a bit of a death trap.
    otherwise theres new oscott and erdington (can be a bit dodgy in some places)
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    Unless you have a lot of money, I doubt you will be able to find anywhere to live in Sutton which would suit the average student budget. Erdingtons quite popular with students. Ok its not the prettiest place in the world, but its no way near as bad as some places like Aston, Lozells etc.
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    washwood heath is pretty **** yeah.
    if you want to stay that side of the centre, which is wise, then try great barr/erdington. erm, or hockley/jewellery quater? right by the centre but some decent places and easy to get to most places north of the centre from there.
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    Everywhere around and including Washwood Heath is rough, Nechells, Aston, Saltley, Alum Rock, Shard End, Castle Vale etc. and Erdington is full of scroungers drinking Tennants Super on benches.

    The only area's that are fairly OK in that part of the city are Castle Bromwich and Hodge Hill.

    It might be wise to consider Edgbaston around Five Ways, close to all amenities and night life, plenty of accommodation, plus the number 8 bus will take you to the bottom of Washwood Heath Rd.

    The Jewellery Quarter have secure appartments but are a bit expensive. The number 8 goes there too.
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    Could try Selly Oak? It's not perfect but some bits are alright, and it's good in terms of bus and train routes into the city centre. Otherwise Harborne (some bits are pricey), likewise Edgbaston, Bournville aren't too bad.

    To be honest tho, a lot of places in Birmingham have their good and bad spots. But definitely in agreement that Washwood Heath, Nechells, Aston, Lozells etc are not good places. I'd also add the same for Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Tysely, Weoley Castle and places like that. Not places I'd fancy wanting to live too much
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    Solihull is 8 miles south; very middle class
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    Selly Oak, Bournville, Edgbaston and Harbourne are all good.

    Generally avoid north birmingham
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    I'm the same, I'm working in Birmingham on my placement. I found a really nice house in Edgbaston, The area is very nice and recently "done up" by the council.


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