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Do any teeth whitening kits actually work?

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    There are hundreds on eBay that all claim to work within x amount of days but are any of them for real?

    Has anybody on here tried one?
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    I've tried a few and they've all worked to some varying degree
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    Could you recommend one/some?

    I could use slightly whiter teeth for a week Friday. I'm not expecting miracles.
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    Crest Whitestrips Extreme... I'm actually wearing them, now. Really
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    nope, they are just cheap solutions, lool for a treatment at your personal dentist
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    Yeah crest whitestrips are pretty good
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    Pearl Drops is a toothpaste but I've found that works
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    ive just bought pearl drops (the paint on veneer stuff) and it worked a little but obviously its temporary.
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    crest strips defo work!
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    Crest White strips
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    I tried Crest White Strips about a year ago and noticed little to no improvement.

    I'm considering buying that kit that Hmm. suggested...
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    (Original post by sssdeol1)
    Yeah crest whitestrips are pretty good
    How do they work?
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    (Original post by Tufts)
    How do they work?
    The kid is pretty annoying lol
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    Lol yeah that video sumed it up. he has nice whiteee teeth
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    (Original post by Milch)
    The kid is pretty annoying lol
    Crap. He needs a *****slap
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    I tried Pearldrops and didnt notice an improvement. Am currently use Enamel Care toothpaste and unfotunatley havent noticed an improvement with that either. I guess my teeth are just stubborn.
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    Crest whitestrips work. I bought the premium ones off amazon for about £20. I havent used them all (they would make my teeth hurt if I used them everyday) but already my teeth are bright white. Definitely recommend them
    They have hydrogen peroxide in them which is how the teeth change colour, it is not damaging to teeth according to my dentist!
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    Also anything like pearldrops or whitening toothpaste have grains that basically rub away your enamel, so I would stay away from any of that. It doesnt work anyway
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    I had a look into this sort of business once, all I can tell you is to stay away from a lot of the stuff from the supermarkets as apparently a lot of them wear away your teeth.

    If you imagine using a scourer on the inside of a mug... and the next time you drink tea from it you can see where you have scratched it with the scourer... well that is sort of what they do to your teeth. Never heard of crest white strips though, could give that a try.

    If your really bothered by it you can get laser whitening from the dentist, I think its about £150 at a guess. Or do what one of my housemates does and claims depression, so gets lipo and botox etc. on the NHS the loser.


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