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fat girl rodeo and the like

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    well, basically its going up to a fat/ugly girl, chatting her up a bit - making her like you. then whispering in her ear "you're the most ugly girl i have ever seen" then you have to hug her for as long as possible hence the rodeo part...

    anyone done it? just curious...

    PS: i didnt make this game up - and i havent done it.


    Edit: come up with your own...so we can all play :yy:
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    I thought it was to take a girl from behind then whisper in her ear that you have an STD, then see how long you can stay back there hence rodeo.
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    Sorry what? Do boys actually do this? Funny but horrible!
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    both sound fun
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    or take her from behind and tell her that her boobs are just like her mothers
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    horrible guys!!
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    Anybody that even contemplates doing this deserves to have their balls chopped off :devil:
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    One idiot done something like this before to my cousin (Anorexic cousin who weighs less than 7 stone and is 5,9) and a random dude besdie her beat the **** out of him.

    I laughed. Unfortunately she cried. (Dude asked her out, they together now, shes healthy. Happy ending.)
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    stupidest thing i've ever heard
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    I hope she turns out to be a he...

    Who's up for some ladyboy fun?
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    How disgusting.
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    Havent done it either. Mind you, I am female and heterosexual, so not likely to. Neither am I fat or ugly. However I welcome any ignorant, foul-mouthed, filthy-minded piece of **** to come and try it - bring it on and get my knee firmly in your balls - once you've lost the ability to poke, you'll welcome anyone offering to poke you. Dont forget, male convicts just love nice-looking young ladyboys. Try male rape and see how you like it. Come back, give us some feedback.
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    Anyone checked out your boobs recently?
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    So you havent actually done it yet? (Had sex that is - it takes practice to develop an STD)
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    That's horrible. Not funny :erm:
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    this sounds so mean and horrible, remember every one has feelings , how would you feel if a girl says that your cock is too small for her to to be FULLY satisfied and she dumps you cause of that, surely your confidence and feelings would be shattered, similarly if you go to a fat girl and say that to her, imagine what that would do to her, cmon , be a proper person , dont pick on people because of their looks and appearance. ITS WRONG.
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    This is why I'm suspicious of everyone that talks to me when I go out!

    I'm only joking.
    I dont go out.
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    That is disgusting. Anyone who does that is lower than scum. You do realise that you can really seriously affect people's mental health doing pranks like that. Lots of girls are already fragile enough as it is. The fact that you're whispering it in her ear, you don't have the balls to say it out loud, shows the sort of person you are. If you said it out loud, you'd get the thrashing you deserve, and if you do it often enough, you'll get that regardless. I hope you get a glass in your face.
Updated: March 10, 2013
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