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Boys/ Masturbation

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    When you guys masturbate, where do you cum (e.g., boxers? over self?)

    Genuine question

    onto hand which is then washed

    (or wiped on bed sheets):p:


    clothes in dirty laundry. :p:
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    Um...I usually wipe it with a towel.
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    i masturbate on my girls
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    clothes in dirty laundry. :p:
    that's actually ******* vile. So as you go deeper and deeper into the dirty laundry it gets crustier and crustier and your mum has never asked what the ****?
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    hand, real men dont use tissues :awesome:

    Stomach. Then wiped away with inside of socks ---> Laundry...

    on a good day i sometimes hit the headboard of the bed

    on a bad day, well i just dont masturbate on bad days lol


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