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Will Wyatt Court

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm thinking about Will Wyatt Court as an accomodation..does anybody have any experience on that Hall of residence? What kind of people lives there? I would really appreciate all kind of information!!

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    yea same! it looks really cool but people will have only lived there since september so it would be great to hear what its like.
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    Thought this may help. I messaged a girl called Sarah McDonnell on facebook who is living at Will Wyatt Court at the moment. This is what she said:

    "hi, it is nice definatly the best one by far as it is brand new and in a great area near hoxton square which is a really good place full of nice bars!

    I share a kitchen with 6 other people, and i have my own bathroom which is minute like the size of a wardrobe but it is great to have your own! it is very noisy in halls i have to sleep with ear plugs in every night but thats because i am right near the corridor, the road and above the reception possibly the worst place but oh well! the kitchen is nice with a living space at the end with a flat screen tv which is really nice on a night when all of us girls sit and watch desperate housewives....
    There are hardly any boys living in here about 50 out of 500 so if you see one it is a surprise! (that was a dissapointment)
    i live with 6 other girls!)
    Saying this though the housing people are ****, they put anyone anywhere, believe it or not they dont even look at your three choices!
    they originally put me in furzedown hall which was the furthest away from csm and by far the worst!i somehow after alot of controvicy got in here! ( they tell you they base it on how far you live away from london, so i thought i would get into atleast one of my 3 choices because i come from Yorkshire! to prove that the system is twisted, i know loads of people who live in London or near london and got in here as there 1st choice!)
    When you speak to people in will wyatt there are so many people that dint even put it down as there choice because the have to commute so far yet loads of other people want to come here who have been put in other halls! It is so messed up!
    If you have any deisablitiies or something along those lines they will definatly give you priority!
    Lets hope the have sorted the system out this year! Good luck with that!

    if you have any questions just msg me back i will be happy to help, i just hope that the housing service have booked up their ideas this year!

    Hope this helps
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    Thats terrible that they apparantly don't even look at your choices, what's the point then? And the not many males situation, bad bad bad!
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    hello ive just had my halls though and im no where near i want to be anyone no of how i can change my halls really wanted will wyatt court if someone knows anyone who wants to swap please let me no thanks victoria
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    you cant swap at all
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    are any of you in will wyatt? x
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    im going to be in Will Wyatt
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    I put Will Wyatt as my second choice, with Don Gratton as my first. Mainly for the reason that although I prefer Hoxton and the halls looked good it was the fact it was slightly more expensive that put me off slightly. However I'm not completed convinced it's worth saving that extra £12 a week and now thinking WIll Wyatt looks nicer.
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    i've paid my depost & sent off all my forms, did this around mid-july but still haven't heard/got anything back from them... Like moving in dates and stuff? Has anyone else?

    I hear everyones moving in on the 13th September?
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    Yep I move in then, we have plenty to do!! xxx
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    they never sent me any information either, but they defintiely took my deposit haha. i just called them and they confirmed everything. it still feels weird though not to have like an email, or something written. i might call them this week. i fly in sept 16th, not sure when i'll move in. i hope they have a welcoming party or something.

    aphroditexx- when in berkshire are you from?
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    My girlfriend has been living there since september 2010 (it is now april 2011).

    She has reported that despite keeping their flat fairly clean, rats are not uncommon in the kitchen. There are also numerous reported cases of tenants being infected with threadworms - not a serious illness but quite disgusting and nasty.

    There appears to be nowhere for her to register a complaint. This seems to me a good example of universities and student landlords taking advantage of student naivety, and is pretty well unacceptable! This being the only place we could find to make it public, we thought it appropriate that people deciding which halls to live in saw that this one was not as good as people here are saying.
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    (Original post by Aphroditexx)
    Yep I move in then, we have plenty to do!! xxx

    Look, I 've read terrible things about this court, you 've moved in? can you tell me (or anyone) what's really happened there?

    thank you


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