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University's 'crucial' department faces axe Geoscience

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    Geoscience decision deferred

    Monday 20 April 2009

    The University of St Andrews has deferred a decision to cease its small Geoscience undergraduate teaching programmes from 2010.
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    I wouldn't say that geoscience was a 'crucial' St Andrews department. That said, its very disappointing to see any academic department threatened with closure.
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    Hmm a friend of mine applied for the course but he was rejected anyways
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    I heard about this, due to funding ofcourse. i was just waiting to see what department the university cuts. Apprently places on vet met and med because the training is so expensive, dont think this is happening at st. andrews though.
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    Can I just confirm. Geoscience is no longer being axed at St. Andrews. It was never confirmed and never went to the comittee.
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    As far as I know it's no longer being axed, although I had heard that the reason they were considering getting rid of it was due to prominent members of the department leaving.
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    No not true. Two members of staff left close in succession which made it an easy time to end it rather than reemploying two lecturers. However there are too many staff high up in the university that support geoscience so its not going to get axed.
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    (Original post by Pure T)
    No not true. Two members of staff left close in succession which made it an easy time to end it rather than reemploying two lecturers.
    That's exactly what I meant though?
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    oh ok then, sorry. That wasnt the reason though, it was a financial based reason. Id rather not keep reposting on this thread as it refreshes it up to the list. Its not good for the department, I dread to know how many applicants they have lost for next year.


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Updated: July 18, 2009
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