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M&S Trainee Management Scheme

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    I've recently applied to the M&S Trainee Management Scheme and I was wondering if anyone else has applied to it? I submitted the latest part of my application (CPO Assesment) well over 2 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything back and was curious to find out if this was normal or not?

    Also, if anyone's been successful in the past, what does the scheme actually involve?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I applied over two weeks ago too and just got an email today saying they would let me know after 12th June whether or not I would be invited to the next stage. They also said the next stage is the assessment centre, which I'm confused about, as I thought the next part was a phone interview?
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    I got the same email. I also thought that the next stage was a phone interview. Maybe changed their mind based on number of applicants? Who knows...I gave up trying to figure out what goes through the minds of HR staff long ago!

    Which store(s) have you applied for?
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    I've applied for the Tamworth store... what's the CPO assessment? I haven't done that... all I've done are the verbal, numerical and OPQ tests
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    Hmm...maybe it was the OPQ test I did :/ I couldn't remember what it was called so I looked up the Application Status bit of the site and it said CPO Assesment. Anyway, it was the most often/least often questions.

    Glad to hear I wasn't the only one that only put one store! I've just applied for Aberdeen.
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    I applied for Oxford as my first choice, and then ones in London for my other choices. I live in Reading, so would have to get a train there or drive everyday, not sure if that'll count against me, as I guess people who live closer have less chance of being late for work etc... Oh well!
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    Shouldn't do, I would think they'd just work on the assumption that everyone's promptness is good unless indicated somewhere in your application or references.

    It may even go in your favour that you're willing to travel far for the job.
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    I applied for this last year and did not have a phone interview, just the online tests and then the assessmet centre which is a tough day but can be fun!
    Good luck!
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    Timmy85 - Could you please tell me what the assessment centre thing was like? Is it just tests? Group activities? A formal interview? Thanks
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    Closing date for applications is today. How long do you think it'll be before we hear if we're getting invited to an assesment centre or not?
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    I'm hoping mid next week, but it's a very rough guess!
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    Yeah, I was thinking something similar. Fingers crossed. It's been so long since I applied. Feels like years ago lol. Well, maybe not quite. I just want to know if I'm getting interviewed or not so I can start preparing!
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    (Original post by *k*)
    Timmy85 - Could you please tell me what the assessment centre thing was like? Is it just tests? Group activities? A formal interview? Thanks
    4 parts -
    one2one interview
    analysis exercise and presentation
    coaching exercise where you give feedback/ways to improve
    group discussion

    A tough but fun day
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    Thank you timmy85.

    Has anyone heard anything from them? They have asked me to do a phone interview with them next week...thought I had escaped that!
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    Hi everyone
    I've sent my application, and they've told me to they'll send me an information pack.But some people have told me that the test is really difficult,would anyone know what the test is about?
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    Hey Guys!!

    I have my M&S assessement centre next week... for those of you that have had yours can you give any hints and tips for the day? I've read online that you stay over in a hotel the night before.... as far as i'm aware I've had nothing telling me this?

    What kind of questions do they ask in the competency interview? And how long does it take for them to tell you if you have been successful after the assessment day?

    And what was your group task like?
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    Anyone apply for it this year? Heard anything back from them yet?
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    yea i applied and did the online tests. was lucky enough to be offered to go to the assessment centre. but i have heard we need to hav a phone interview aswell. you?
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    I did the online tests the last one being the OPQ, and on my status it says Line Managers are currently reviewing it. How long ago/long after you completed the application did they get in contact with you? Where is the assessment centre?
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    Today received invitation to assessment centre. Yay! Its quite far tho, Swindon


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