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A-Level dance group choreography programme note.

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    Is anyone doing this? I have no idea how it's supposed to be set out or what's supposed to be in it. Any help please?
    If not, do you know where I can find any examples? I've Googled it and there's nothing there really.
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    what question are you doing?
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    The Granny and the bus one. (3)
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    Oh right yeh - no1 in my class is doing that one I'm doing Newton's Law one.

    In terms of basic programme notes, you need to write on the top: Name, Candidate Number, Title of the work, Music Composer and Music Length.

    Then basically in aprox 150 words, explain your dance in terms of motifs and themes. So in your case comment on the picture of the bus and explain how your motifs have come about. Include bubble man drawings of your motifs to help the examiner to visualise them before the dance work is viewed and figure reference them for your writing.

    For more advise, ask you teacher for help. I'm sure they'd be happy to

    Hope I've been of some help xx
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    Yeah that does help, thanks! The other girl in my class (there's only two of us!) is doing a Newton's law one, the 'for every action' one.
    Is it just a shortened version of the one we did last year?
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    Yeh pretty much. Like last year we did the coursework on it right? Its basically that shortened to fit an A4 page
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    Righto, thanks


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