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My sim card just stopped working! Help needed :-)

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    Bit of a trivial problem (I hope!) but I'm a bit rubbish with technology so would really apreciate some help please!

    Basically yesterday my phone (a Samsung U900) just came up with "limited service" and now I can't send/receive texts/phonecalls. It's definately a problem with the sim as I have tried it in two of my other phones and it still says the same "limited service" on the screen. However, I still have all the texts and numbers that were saved to my sim so I know that it can't be completely broken.

    I don't know what to do! I'm a bit dependent on my phone being at Uni and whatnot and it's making me panic lol.

    I can't ring up Orange because I have no phone to do so!

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be up?

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    Borrow a phone from someone to phone Orange? Nothing you can do tbh, the problem is with the network.
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    Borrow a phone from someone to phone Orange? Nothing you can do tbh, the problem is with the network.
    This, or if you can, take it to a phone shop such as carphone warehouse, they could diagnose the fault and possibly call up orange on your behalf.

    And man (spikeymike), your avatar, seriously i'm saying this twice :p: it's hypnotizing:eek3:
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    Ookkk, thankyou very much!

    Stupid phones dfuhdsuhkawaf
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    Yeah, need to call orange, O2 Did this to me, they cut me off for not paying my bill. The bill I'd paid with direct debit a couple of weeks before. Idiots.


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