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Gaps between periods

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    Right so it has been a while since I wasn't on the pill, so I just have a quick question about natural periods...

    how long in general should the gap be between when you finisgh bleeding one month to when it starts again the next month?

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    I think it depends from girl to girl. Mine is about 2 weeks
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    28 days for an average cycle, so it depends on how long your period lasts.
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    It depends on the person and lifestyle I think. There is no way I could be pregnant or anything and I haven't had one for 3-4 months (actually lost count)!!!!! Apparently it's because I'm sporty and train twice a day but I don't know if that's the real reason?
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    Periods are usually monthly, so there should be about 28 days between the start of every period. But many girls experience otherwise. I have irregular ones and consulted my doctor about this. He did some tests and diagnosed me with PCOS. But not everyone with strange patterns has a problem. Some women are just like that.
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    so, the last time I started bleeding was like 23rd March, and it finished on like 30th March, so if we take the 28 days I should have really started again 4 weeks later on 20th April?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so, the last time I started bleeding was like 23rd March, and it finished on like 30th March, so if we take the 28 days I should have really started again 4 weeks later on 20th April?
    If we take the 28 days theen yes. But in my case it can be anything between 4 weeks and 6. Everyone is different.
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    I remember from back in the days of sex ed that they used to tell us it was between 21-36 days. Mine is usually about 27-30 days though (it varies a lot).


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