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The Legend of Purple Aki - What a creep!

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    The legend of Purple Aki
    Stories about a man named 'Purple Aki', partially based upon Arobieke[5][6] (presumably exaggerated), were common amongst children in Merseyside and the surrounding areas throughout the 1980s and 1990s.[13][14] 'Purple Aki' was said to have earned his name because he was "so black he was purple"[15], or more fancifully because he had purple hair or cape.[16]. As with most urban legends the details varied considerably, but stories usually involved 'Purple Aki' pursuing or capturing school children and then mutilating, raping or murdering them. He was also said to carve the initials 'P.A.' into the buttocks of his victims.

    In June 2008, a large banner was flown at the Glastonbury Festival saying "arr mate!!! Purple Aki jus' gripped us in a porta loo." Dave McCabe, lead singer of The Zutons commented on the flag during their set, saying, "Bad shout out to the lads with the Purple flag." [17] [18]

    The Scouse mythology of Purple Aki has been satirised on a spoof Bod / South Park cartoon called "The adventures of Purple Ackey" (sic) [19]



    :woo: rofl

    The new generation does seem to have heard the jokes and myth about Purple Aki, a lot of it is myth, but it is based on the truth. If you grew up in Warrington, St Helens or Widnes in the late 80s, early 90s, and were involved with a rugby club then there was a fair chance you knew who Aki was. He tried grooming one of my mates from rugby when my mate was about 15, he wanted to feel his muscles, talked to him about weight training, what supplements he could have, offered him advice. It was his usual strategy to befriend the boy then he would try to step the relationship up and make it sexual. Some boys he liked to pick up and bench press or do other weightlifting 'manoeuvres' with to show his physical strength and get them used to physical contact with him. My mate had already heard the rumours so kept well clear, but other lads weren't so lucky, a lot hero-worshipped him at the start because of his impressive physique and thought he was cool, so they were flattered by his attention. He used to hassle some of the lads who were in the academy set up at Warrington Wolves. He was caught and jailed in the end but it took the police almost a decade to get him, because most of the boys he was molesting were intimidated by him and he intimidated witnesses as well. It messed some people up, at least one lad killed himself because of Aki abusing him. Nasty character.
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    Absolute rarebreed.

    I've saw him once in Manchester. What a fruitloop.
Updated: April 29, 2009
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