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When do males stop getting "random erections"?

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    Please keep anon or delete.

    My bf is 23 and started masturbating at around 14, but he still says he gets random erections, like when he's doing work or sometimes when he's walking around. He says that he's not thinking of sex, but they "just happen". It's not a problem for me, in fact it has made us into quite a sexual couple!

    I think it may be because he only masturbates once or twice a fortnight, but I'm not sure. My question is at what age do males stop getting these "random erections"? Are there ways to stop them happening?
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    At about 80.
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    no, and they never stop
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    They tend to stop after having a ****. For about an hour.
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    They never stop! But there's a skill to it, if in a particular situation you must learn to control it! Think of old, wrinkly ladies...works a treat!
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    (Original post by Phil2008)
    They tend to stop after having a ****. For about an hour.
    How odd, in your post it says there are 3 *'s, but when I quote you there are 4. I was trying to figure out what the word was!

    To the OP, just enjoy
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    I've stopped getting random ones. But whenever I think about sex I get one, which is pretty often in everyday things.
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    If you want about 5 times in one day it makes your balls ache the next day and you can go all morning without one.
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    I'm really glad you guys are all saying it's normal. He always gets really agitated by having a random erection when he's doing something completely unsexual and seems to think he's one of the only ones in this situation! I think he'll be very assured to know he's not.

    Thanks for the replies!
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    They're not random; they always appear in the most awkward of situations.
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    after we pee, mostly we get them when we need to pee-seriesly. Thats why i think we get them in the morning. So need to worry though girls, we still get them cos we re mentally aroused.
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    to add to that, we dont get rid of them by peeing because that would be messy
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    I experienced a sudden down-turn, so to speak, in my sex drive and frequency of unprovoked erections at the age of 18/19, and it's never been the same since.
    I started puberty very early indeed, though, so other people might last into their early 20's before things drop off.
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    The problem isnt having the erections at random times,, the problems arise when you cant get one at ALL!
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    I wouldnt mind when my bf gets one i especially love morning ones

    Ive asked him but he says he never gets them and he doesnt masturbate but we do see each other for like 5 days of the week.


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Updated: May 4, 2009
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