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DofE Gold Kit Tips

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    (Original post by ch0c0h01ic)
    The other guys in our team had a dome tent with steel poles which bent in the strong wind. The headroom in their tent went from several feet to resting on their noses

    Likewise our route followed the valley bottom, little trickles/streams became effectively rivers the sizes of roads at a couple of feet deep. Everyone got wet feet that day and of course we couldn't dry our boots out. The only guy with dry feet from then onwards luckily had a pair of waterproof socks hidden away.

    We experienced similar storms on our practice expedition but we were lucky enough to be on slightly higher and firmer ground, it was still bloody miserable.

    Singing 'Is this the road to Amarillo' as we walked up Snowdon was one of the highlights for me:yep:
    My DofE team banned me from singing. :no: And this from a team-mate who played his harmonica the entire way around! :p:
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    One of my team mates (male) brought along an MP3 player so we got regular excerpts from the Spice Girls, Bewitched, Tom Jones and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. He was really popular.
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    Compeed are good for blisters, probably been mentioned before, but are a real painsaver to have. And bring plenty of socks, wearing wet socks the next day is an unpleasant experience and can exacerbate blister formations. If you have done Silver and Bronze then Gold will be fine, I did it without doing the previous two and was grand. A few times the going was hard, but if you are in a good team then you'll all help motivate each other. All the best with it.
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    (Original post by Asclepius)

    I also found that using trainers was a good idea, as they are hugely lighter than a pair of 3 season boots.
    trollolololololol? :P


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Updated: June 11, 2012
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