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Sexy/Dirty Pictures

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    Has anyone sent dirty or sexy pictures to someone?
    I sent a picture of my whole body (bra/knickers/belly and a bit of legs) but I cut my head out of it incase he showed it to anyone. I sent one of my boobs to, which I was uncomfortable with but still did it! He also wanted a picture of down there too, but I never did, I really didn't wanna take a picture of my own fanny, eugh, and didn't want him to see it either not in a picture! What do people think of taking and sending these kind of pictures? Would you do it? Do you think it's a dirty thing to do? I didn't feel that comfortable doing it, probably cause I knew I would have to walk past him everyday and was scared he would tell his mates. But I would send pictures like that again, depending on who it was!
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    ahh haa, the glamour model

    well, me, personally, hell yeah,

    as i say


    (remove all possible links to yourself, starting with the face)
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    /Moral high ground mode

    Where do you find the gratification in taking badly shot lurid pictures of your body with your head missing as to show to horny lads as a quick **** fix, resulting in the risk of these pictures being put onto the internet, losing your dignity and self respect?

    /Moral high ground mode

    Anon plz.
    I do to my bf quite often, and he reciprocates. We are in a LDR, we cant see each other in person...so why not? No one else gets to see them, and have agreed no matter what the circumstance no one ever will.
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    (Original post by Walkin'Butterfly)
    /Moral high ground mode

    Where do you find the gratification in taking badly shot lurid pictures of your body with your head missing as to show to horny lads as a quick w*** fix, resulting in the risk of these pictures being put onto the internet, losing your dignity and self respect?

    /Moral high ground mode
    Well, me and my girlfriend are in a stable relationship and have sent each other pictues- we have total dignity and respect. Pictures help add playfulness ('See you tomorrow' etc.), and are harmless in a trusting relationship. If you're not in one, though, bad times.
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    TBH, I have and never will send anyone pics of my body (more to do with the fact I am VERY self concious than the whole "will he/won't he put them on the internet" thing).
    If he is pressuring you into doing this, maybe he's a bit strange, no offence. If not, and you are doing it for your pleasure aswell, go ahead, have fun, you only live once
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    Nope. My mate got sent pictures of a girl that though he was into her, he wasn't. Needless to say, he showed them around multiple times.
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    not to randomers no.

    infact, I wouldn't anyway.

    Meh I use to do this - thinking that if i did that, it'll bag me a boyfriend (how naive and stupid can you get).

    Meh I wouldn't dare doing those kinda pictures ever again though - MEH so tacky and cheap tbh!
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    i'd never ever recommend for anyone to send pictures if they're under 18 (or is it 16? the law i think is 18) or if they think it'll "bag a boyfriend". because it doesn't.
    i've done it, i'd do it again, there's pictures of me in pants/undies on the internetz anyway. i'm not bothered. i'm a **** anyway :p:
    but seriously folks, i wouldn't just be like "HI RANDOM PERSON HERE HAVE THIS PICTURE OF ME" but to friends etc to show new undies or to boys i like, why not. a girl at my school who i'm friends with has a picture of me in sexy-time underwear. i'm comfortable with myself, and i'm a nudist (/bordering on one) anyway.
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    I have sent photos to one person.
    Long term, sometimes long distant relationship.

    We aren't together anymore and he's never shown anyone....although for some strange reason he still has them which I suppose is a bit worrying but we're still good friends so I trust that he won't.
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    Are you even with this guy?? I don't think I would do it, even with a boyfriend that I trusted, because there's always the knowledge that you could break up and they would probably have them up over the internet in a nanosecond.
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    I've exchanged them with lovers . . . but not sent them to anyone I wasn't in a relationship with!
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    I have sent loads of dirty pics to my boyfriend, mainly during the holidays when we aren't together.
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    To my boyfriend I have, and do... just a bit of fun really especially when we can't see each other as much as we'd like to. I wouldn't send any pics that were terribly unflattering though so even if we did break up and bad terms and he showed anyone it probably wouldn't be the end of the world...
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    Hell no. Trust no one.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Has anyone sent dirty or sexy pictures to someone?
    Of course yes, full frontal nudity seems to be floating around on the Interwebs, I usually only exchanged pics with the girls, though :yep:
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    hell no you never no when they'll come back to haunt you
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    I printed out a picture of a friend, jizzed on it, then took a picture of that and tagged the subject of the picture on facebook, on a bet.

    I think that covers sexy and dirty. In a sense.
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    Its just a stupid thing to do. Why do you think there are sites out there with thousands of images of girls, many under 18 [well suspected]? Cause you send images to your boyfriend, break up, and he sticks em on chan sites. The same thing happens with videos, hell most of the non professional porn on the net [theres LOADS] is of ex girlfriends/wifes.

    Its not a good idea to send pictures to anyone, that you wouldn't be comfortable with everyone seeing.
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