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Whats the most ridiculous statement you have ever put in a exam?

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    Inspired by the General Studies thread where people are talking about how they just wrote crap.

    So, what is the most ludicrous thing you have ever wrote in an exam? Also, which exam was it?
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    Made a pun on words, like a lame joke in an exam.

    Got a great mark so perhaps it worked.
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    Probs my English Lit when I went on this massive rant about Curly's wife, then ran out of time

    Or when I implied Shakespeare was gay

    Also in the Science ones when you have the separate multiple choice answer sheet I spent the whole exam putting smiley faces in the circles
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    A2 General Studies. A massive rant about how I'd rather pass a kidney stone than watch reality tv. I got a D.
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    (Original post by Nick_000)
    Inspired by the General Studies thread where people are talking about how they just wrote crap.

    So, what is the most ludicrous thing you have ever wrote in an exam? Also, which exam was it?
    This is probably not what you're looking for, but a favourite of mine in physics and maths exams is...

    and from this we can see...

    Where X and Y are two unrelated (or rather, I cannot see how they are related at the time) statements.
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    I said - "Literature is dead" in GCSE English Lit. I was such a pretentious ****. Got an A* though - WOOO
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    Erm I know its not the same but in my interview for UCL I said how all young lads can relate to Hamlet, yes the ones whos fathers were killed by their uncles so he could get with his mum and has a psych gf...
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    In a science exam i sat the other day i wrote...

    Ali needs to have a chat with the school nurse because he is obese.

    Got the mark though
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    I went off on a very extended tangent about prostitution and banking as examples of Perfectionist theory in a final year paper. Seemed to work.
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    This wasn't in a real exam, but in my mock Business A2 the case study was based on a cider company, so the first statement in my evaluation for one of the questions was "They would be wise not to put all of their apples in one basket".

    It got crossed out, haha, although the marker then crossed out another pun "They shouldn't dive straight into the deep end" and replaced deep end with "apple vat"...

    Clearly insane....
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    I wrote 'Examiner, please give me a good mark. Many thanks.'

    I got an A
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    "i think this occurs. If not dont mark the last three sentences please."
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    Ive had plenty of pretentious ********** statements in our mock english exams... but ive got full marks in all timed essays so far so looks like pretentious with direction seems to win XD
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    I wrote in my Economics paper that lowering infant mortality was important to the productivity in the long run, as "Children who live, can work in 18 years time and contribute to the economy. However, in 18 years time, a dead baby will only work as fertiliser."

    Or something to that effect.
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    not really an exam but when i went to the open day at the local sixth form, i was pretty sure i wasn't going there as i had an offer from a public school and had decided to go there - but went to the open day ''to keep my options open''.

    They made us all write a page so they could check if we were dyslexic or not, i just wrote a page of crap saying how i didnt want to go there and how my aim in life was to be a street cleaner, wrote some more stupid stuff aswell but cant rlly remember was 3 years ago lol.
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    n my year 7 exam I got naturalists and naturists mixed up...

    "There is a nature reserve which would be greatly appreciated by naturists..." :getmecoat:

    Sadly, I still got the mark!
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    I quoted Gandalf and Dumbledore in my GCSE RE exam. Got a B w00t.

    In General Studies at college I didn't answer the questions I just wrote about how my mother is a lunatic, then I wrote some questions of my own and put my email, in case the person marking my paper wanted to answer them. Which they didn't.
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    (Original post by ramzwj)
    I said - "Literature is dead" in GCSE English Lit. I was such a pretentious ****. Got an A* though - WOOO
    You claim to be good at English but your tense is wrong.
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    In an RS exam I was supposed to be answering an extended question about Muslims beliefs on marriage and the family life. After 3 sides of A4 and nearly an hour of work I went through my essay obliterating the word "Jesus" and replacing it with "Muhammad". Managed to scrape a pass
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    in my second general studies exam, there was a question asking something like where to sentimental values come from (i think?) and i put 'the fusion pits of china'


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