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Whats the most ridiculous statement you have ever put in a exam?

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    (Original post by antihero)
    "I wanna be the very best.
    Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real quest,
    To train them is my cause... etc"

    To a general studies exam in AS.

    In my TOEFL exam I had to read an excerpt or something, and since the exams was like 4 hours long, I spaced out. I had to summarize the excerpt in like 1 minute, something about possums, and since I spaced out I just spoke for like 40 seconds. The next 15 seconds was just awkward silence, then I used the last 5 seconds to say: "And that's the way it is."

    I thought: "Kill me now."
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    not ridiculous but my moment of rebellion came in this form

    "'re not reading this are you, Mr ----"
    plopped that in an essay question

    in gcse mocks (wish i was more bad ass )
    and when i got my paper back he didn't even notice
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    (Original post by BramsSTFU)
    In General Studies at college I didn't answer the questions I just wrote about how my mother is a lunatic, then I wrote some questions of my own and put my email, in case the person marking my paper wanted to answer them. Which they didn't.
    I really really REALLY hope this is true. if it is you're probably my favourite person ever.
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    GCSE Religious Studies: we were asked to discuss whether Britain was a secular society. You can guess what was written.
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    For a first year Uni exam I had a complete mind blank on what IAEA stood for so put down that it was the International Agency for the Evidence of Aliens. Needless to say I didn't get the mark but did get a note on the paper from the marker saying that it was funny, and had brightened up some very dull marking
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    What did you get? haha
    An A* the examiners must have been Pastafarians
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    I wrote about Charlie Sheen in my English exam; got an A* for it though so WINNING.

    My friend wrote about Martin Luther King being an actual king... He failed.
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    "Gary Numan" when I had to name a molecule in an A2 Chemistry exam.
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    GCSE English language, it asked me to 'inform' the examiner of my plans for next year. I proceeded to explain my life ambitions and I even wrote, "I've been told I can get at least 2 A*s at A-level, I consider myself gifted". Yeah, I was a ****er. Got an A though (yn).
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    I have:

    Made up random statistics for My GCSE Religious Studies paper

    But still got an A (2 marks off an A* :rant: **** YOU EDEXCEL! )
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    This is from my GCSE Business Coursework but...

    I somehow ended up writing 'the customers will be made to serve the customers'

    And in class I autocorrected every 'a' to 'chicken'; and forgot to delete all the... chickens. No doubt my teacher had a big red circle with 'What!?' on where I'd written 'the business will make chicken profit'
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    I can't remember exactly what I put but I remember comparing of mice and men to a toilet in my GCSE English lit exam.

    I got an A.
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    (Original post by

    In my TOEFL exam I had to read an excerpt or something, and since the exams was like 4 hours long, I spaced out. I had to summarize the excerpt in like 1 minute, something about possums, and since I spaced out I just spoke for like 40 seconds. The next 15 seconds was just awkward silence, then I used the last 5 seconds to say: "And that's the way it is."

    I thought: "Kill me now."
    LMFAO!!! Total Forrest Gump moment xD love it.

    I wish my exams would ask me about possums. They seem like a lot more fun than immunohistological sections :/
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    MUN is the proper place for ridicule.

    My most ridiculous answers are always when I subtly (unprovably but still perceptibly) imply shockingly controversial things. I can't think of any examples.
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    On one of the A* Maths question for my GCSE's I put E=MC2
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    Uhm, my A2 Spanish mock was passed around the teachers due to the 'hilarity'
    In the research part, I was not expecting the question (we'd only just started our research phase, so I wrote about how if global warming continues, then Cuba will become completely flooded and cease to exist.
    I also wrote all about how I wished I was Winston Churchill...

    And in a GCSE physics exam I answered "Why does Saturn have rings?" with: "On the 4th day, God made Saturn, and he liked it, so he put a ring on it."

    Physics was never my strong point...
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    Crossed out the 20-something mark essay question at the end of my GCSE food technology exam (which was about eggs) and wrote above the question "Write a pretty song about eggs"

    And then I wrote the song that me and Laura devised in our food tech lessons:

    Uptown Egg,
    She's been living in a hard boiled shell
    Bet she never met a caged-raised guy
    Bet her henny never told her why
    That hens could fly

    and then she gooooooees in the pan,
    and she fry-yyy-yyyy's
    I bet that's when she meets
    her caged-raised guy

    I said she looked good fried,
    then i got swallowed by Hank and died
    With the Uptown Egg!
    My uptown Eeeeeeg
    You know i've been eaten with an
    Uptown egg,
    My uptowwwwwnnnn egggggg...
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    English language GCSE = basing everything around +44 quote... and getting full marks. I don't even know how it happened...

    RE mock exam, question was something along the lines of: "why might a Muslim not agree with deforestation?"
    Soo I regurgitated the passages I'd remembered: The prophet said "If you kill anything larger than a sparrow without just cause, then Allah will hold you responsible." A tree is larger than a sparrow and so Muslims may not agree with deforestation, as they try to follow his teachings.

    I got marks for this... And a massive smiley face, saying that it was a great new angle..
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    (Original post by Nick_000)
    Inspired by the General Studies thread where people are talking about how they just wrote crap.

    So, what is the most ludicrous thing you have ever wrote in an exam? Also, which exam was it?
    Cheryl Cole. No competition.
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    Spanish exam: mi pueblo es muy burro (my village is very donkey)

    Science exam: How do you test for oxygen in a room?
    Go inside. breathe. If you die there is no oxygen


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