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Whats the most ridiculous statement you have ever put in a exam?

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    In my practice writing French exam I was writing about my mother. My teacher told me to make comparisons and share my opinions so...I wrote:

    I am jealous of my mother because she is skinnier than me and I am round like a snowman.
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    In the creative writing part of my English exam I was writing about Stockholm syndrome, which I didn't say but implied.

    About 30 seconds before the end I realised I'd actually been hinting at Germany and had to scribble a note saying "it just occured to me Stockholm is actually in Sweden. Please replace any references to Germany with ones to Sweden, eg. Ikea."

    I got an A*, so I give the little details don't matter too much.
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    Went into my AS Psychology exam without having revised and obviously didn't know what to write, so I wrote about why I had failed the exam and how much the person who was sat in front of my was annoying me. The person in front of me was eventually ejected from the exam hall for disruption.
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    RE mock test last year, 1 mark question:

    Question: "What is death?"
    My answer: "Death is when you stop living and you die."

    Sounds ridiculous, but I got the mark for it. :rofl:
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    GCSE r.e.

    Question: Suggest how the church may help keep families together.

    Answer: It doesn't, this is a stupid question.
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    History AS, managed to successfully argue that Benjamin Disraeli (1870s) was to blame for the Rwandan Genocides (1994). 96% thank you very much.
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    I remember going through our GCSE mock RE exam last year. I'd actually missed the exam as I was sick, so I was sharing with my friend. On one of the questions where it said "what is a Christian's view on' (can't remember what it was) he wrote:

    'I don't know, ask a Christian. Alternatively, you could ask Chuck Norris'.

    Unsurprisingly, he didn't get any marks for it, but it was funny.
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    In my biology exam, i realised that i wrote comdon instead of codon :facepalm:

    still did well nonetheless
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    (Original post by Boobies.)
    Crossed out the 20-something mark essay question at the end of my GCSE food technology exam (which was about eggs) and wrote above the question "Write a pretty song about eggs"

    And then I wrote the song that me and Laura devised in our food tech lessons:

    Uptown Egg,
    She's been living in a hard boiled shell
    Bet she never met a caged-raised guy
    Bet her henny never told her why
    That hens could fly

    and then she gooooooees in the pan,
    and she fry-yyy-yyyy's
    I bet that's when she meets
    her caged-raised guy

    I said she looked good fried,
    then i got swallowed by Hank and died
    With the Uptown Egg!
    My uptown Eeeeeeg
    You know i've been eaten with an
    Uptown egg,
    My uptowwwwwnnnn egggggg...
    no way

    :rofl: what did you get?
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    German essay yesterday:
    "Is the closing of cinemas just a conspiracy from the government to get us to buy more petrol?"
    Hasn't been marked yet, I should rewrite it but I can't think of any more points!
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    Katie Price is a ****.

    Got a B.
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    (Original post by Nick_000)
    Inspired by the General Studies thread where people are talking about how they just wrote crap.

    So, what is the most ludicrous thing you have ever wrote in an exam? Also, which exam was it?
    In a critical thinking exam I put


    I subsequently turned over the page and did four pages of Biology revision
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    In a DT exam I was confronted with a question about the best use of materials for something or other (it was more complicated than it sounds). There was a pretty big space for a detailed answer, but I had no idea what it was talking about, so I just drew a big picture of a boat.

    Along the lines of:

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    (Original post by da_comeback)
    In a critical thinking exam I put


    I subsequently turned over the page and did four pages of Biology revision
    What you did biology revision in the middle of the exam>?
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    (Original post by nmudz_009)
    What you did biology revision in the middle of the exam>?
    On a critical thinking exam paper
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    under "what is the chemical equation of an acid and an alkali neautralizing" or some crap like that (the naswer being something like positive H^2 and negative O) i wrote me + you = better equations with my girlfriend in mind.. that was a good test
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    (Original post by bilidowcar)
    Science exam: How do you test for oxygen in a room?
    Go inside. breathe. If you die there is no oxygen
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Did you get a mark?
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    (Original post by Etoile)
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Did you get a mark?
    No, because apparently if a room was 100% full of oxygen you would die also
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    (Original post by da_comeback)
    On a critical thinking exam paper
    I knoo :P how? Just made a list of bioliogy facts you remember?
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    I actually try my best in all my exams, I never take education for granted.

    Think of the poor kids in Africa who can only dream of being able to learn, some of you are so naive.

    Blast me with negs, but I seriously do not care because you've posted some pretty obnoxious stuff on this thread.


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