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How To Approach The Unseen Poetry In The English Literature Exam?

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    I am on the WJEC board, and was looking for some tips on how to approach the unseen poetry.

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    talk about the...
    analyse words
    your opinion on the poem

    thts all i can think of atm
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    I'm on WJEC too. We've been told to annotate the poem with all the writing skills(?) you can see, like metaphors, similes, alliteration etc. Just don't waste too much time on this.
    We get given a list, one almost exactly the same as neesh_27 posted, but there's 5 points in all, and we were told to write two or three things about each point. Hope that helps Don't forget to discuss what you annotate!
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    does anyone have the link to similar poems to what we get for the undeen poetry section, I've done all the past papers in lesson and I need to do some on my own to see how well I'm doing? thankiies x
    ps exam 2mrw help pls ASAP x
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    i AM DOING MY TOMOROW IM SCARED!!!!!!! If god wills i can do Good
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    I had an A* for it last year, and my biggest piece of advice is not to panic and systematically work your way through each point in the poem. Write about what it's inferring and trying to say as well as the message it's trying to get across. Hope that helps.
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    look for positive and negative words
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    Votre face always look for one if you can find it, then you can bring your work up a LOT
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    LOL at how this thread is three years old.

    You have to look for key features. What form is the poem? Is there a rhyme scheme? Are the rhymes perfect or slant? What's the narrative style - is it dialogue or a stream of consciousness? What's the subject matter and what are the themes? Any interesting language choices? Poetic device? Metre? Symbolism? Similes/metaphors? References?
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    init fam


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Updated: March 3, 2016
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