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TSR History forum "who are you?" thread

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    User Name: Pigmy Goat
    Level you are taking this year: GCSE
    Board you are taking: OCR
    (if known) options you are taking: Germany depth study - 1918-45
    Liberal Reforms
    World War 2 in Britain
    Peace Treaties
    League of Nations

    And in september onto to AS!!!
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    User Name: Cartouche
    Level you are taking this year: A2!
    Board you are taking: AQA
    Options you are taking
    European History: Germany, Russia and the USSR 1832-1939 (Autocracy & Reform, Hitler and Stalin)
    British History: 1841-1884 (Basically, Peel, Gladstone and Disreali).
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    User Name: flamingopoo
    Level you are taking this year: A2
    Board you are taking: OCR
    (if known) options you are taking: Cold War; Changing Nature of Warfare (Synoptic paper); and did Nazi Germany; Gladstone; Russian Revoltions for AS :-)
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    User name: Diachrom
    Level you are taking this year: A2
    Board you are taking: Edexcel
    Options you are taking: Cromwell and the Protectorate, Bismarck's Germany and The Norman Conquest (Coursework)

    For AS, did, The Boom and Bust Period of America, Civil Rights in America and The New Deal (coursework)

    I don't think that anyone doing Edexcel has everything the same - I assume they have more modules to choose from. Or maybe it's becuase I go to a silly all boys Grammar school that gives us boring, old history...
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    Name: Raven4723
    Level you are taking: A2
    Board: AQA
    Options: Tudors 1529-1603 (Henry VII and reformation, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizaebth up until 1566), Spain 1469-1598, Revolt in the Netherlands

    Any info on the Netherlands would be greatly appreciated!
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    Username - Vickytoria77
    Level im taking - A-level
    Board - Edexcel
    Mussolini 1924-1939 (have also done 1918-1924), The Mid Tudor Crisis, The Tudor state 1485-1603, (did Henry VII and Henry VIII last year)

    I have yet to hear of anyone doing these topics seeing as I have not done coursework.
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    Name: Libby227
    Level you are taking: A2
    Board: AQA
    Options: Tudors 1529-1566 (Henry VIII - Reformation, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth up to 1566). Russia - 1861-1985 - the economy (witte/stolypin, War Communism, NEP, 5YP's, Collectivisation, War economy De-Stalinisation, Perestroika) and then Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev.
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    User name: Ali_04
    Level taking this year: A2 (eek!)
    Board: Edexcel
    options: this year: unit 4- individual assignment on chinese cultural revolution, unit 5- (coursework) decline of the english aristocracy 1830-1930, unit 6- power and control in the Nazi state 1933-39.

    last year: unit 1- weimar germany, unit 2- russia in revolution 1917-29, unit 3- (coursework) fascism and communism in 1930s britain.
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    Name: Synkronized
    Level you are taking: A2
    Board: Edexcel
    Options: At AS: The Seed's of Evil (Nazi rise to power), nazi coursework on hitler youth/women/ 4 year plans, Liberal Governments 1905-15
    At A2: The Age of Peel, Roman Britain Coursework, Chartism

    The AS year was so much better... :rolleyes:
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    Hey people,

    User Name: dudey_cool
    Level you are taking this year: A2
    Board you are taking: Edexcel
    Options you are taking: Unit 4: Fascist Italy, Unit 5: Poor in Britain 1834-1939 and Unit 6: Nazi Germany
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    anyone doing peel, disreali, gladstone for unit 5 aqa british history 1840-1886, do we need to know gladstones domestic reforms in his 2nd ministry or disraeli's reforms in his first ministry?!!!help help help!!!!!
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    User Name: Becke
    Level you are taking this year: A2
    Board you are taking: Edexcel
    (if known) options you are taking: Nazi Germany (unit 6) and Hitler's foreign policy and for coursework i did relationship between parliament and monarchy through the monarch's Henry to Charles.
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    User Name: alexandra
    Level you are taking this year: A2
    Board: EDEXCEL

    Unit 4: Enlightened Despotism in Austria and Prussia (already done!)
    Unit 5: Voting in GB (1832 - 1932)
    Unit 6: Chartism

    (For AS i did: Lenin and Russian Rev, FDR and the new deal and Poor Law..)
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    (Original post by oriel historian)
    Okay not sure whether you want uni people, but I'll offer my services if I can:

    Username: Oriel Historian
    Level: University
    Board: Oxford Uni prelims

    Okay, I can feasibly answer questions on medieval europe 1000-1400, eighteenth and nineteenth century british, French Rev 1789 -1815, Imperial Germany. Though reasonably on any british really especially Labour history and trade union movements etc.
    Yay another uni historian - I felt I had strayed into the wrong place entirely!
    Anyway ditto on the I'll help if I can thing.

    Username: Dizzykiki
    Level: University (just finished 1st year)
    Board: Oxford Uni prelims

    A level: (OCR) 19th century Britain (focus on Peel and sources on the Condition of England), Unification of Italy, Restoration monarchy (France 1814-48), Unification of Germany, German Nationalism, Elizabeth I and her relation to her parliaments (personal study so quite specific)
    Uni: Britain 1500-1700 (bit hazy after the early Stuarts), Europe 1000-1400, French Ancien Régime (all rather specific again though as paper focused on Tocqueville's interpretations).
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    Username: Death
    Level: AS
    Board: Edexcel
    Unit 1 - 6b The Seeds of Evil: The Rise of National Socialism in Germany to 1933
    Unit 2 - 11b Italy: The Rise of Fascism, 1918-1925
    Unit 3 - 8b Bismarck and the unification of Germany
    For A2 I will do the following:
    Unit 4 - 12b The Quest for Greatness: Fascist Italy 1924-1939
    Unit 5 - 4a Britain and Decolonization
    Unit 6 - 2a The Quest for Settlement: Cromwell and the Protectorate
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    User Name: Feeling Good
    Level taking this year: AS
    Board takingdexcel
    Options taking: AS:- English civil wars 1642-53
    - The personal rule of Charles 1 1629-1642
    - James 1 1603-29
    A2 (from Sept 2005) - Enlightened despotism in austria/prussia
    - Russia (coursework)
    - Cromwell and his protectorate
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    User name: Buttons7
    Level (taken this year): A2
    Board: OCR
    AS - Henry VIII & Wolsey; Mid-Tudor Crisis (docment studies); Charles I of Spain
    A2 - Elizabeth I (historical investigation paper); The Developement of France as a Nation State (synoptic paper); The Catholic threat to Elizabeth (coursework).
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    User Name: mellow-yellow
    Level you are taking this year Will be A2 when I go back in Sept
    Board you are taking Edexcel
    (if known) options you are taking
    Erm, one unit on Stalin's Russia, the other two units are British history - The Age Of Peel and something along the lines of poverty and the state of Victorian Britain
    For AS I did: The 1832 Reform Act, Russia in Revolution 1905-1917, Lenin and The Rise of the Bolsheviks
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    Apologies for the randomness of the bold in the previous message!
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    Username: BarbedRose
    Level: Just finished A2, about to study at uni
    Board: was OCR
    Options: Russia 1894-1924, England 1558-1689


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