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WJEC English Lit. How did you find it?

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    (Original post by Pronitron)
    Anyone remember the name of the poem?
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    (Original post by walesisthebest)
    I'm not sure how I did, I did To Kill a Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet. I think Romeo and Juliet went well (did question c) but i don't know how I did in To Kill a Mockingbird (I did C as well)
    yeah, i did C for to kil a mockingbird. it was alright.
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    how many pages did everyone write in total!?!?!?!
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    It wasn't too bad, although I really messed up on the Maya Angelou essay question (b) since I discussed only one character and a lot of people said they made comparisons between numerous characters. But I think I made up for it in An Inspector Calls. Did question c and found it easy, as with the poem (which I was dreading the most!).

    Did anybody else here answer questions on the Maya Angelou text?
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    Of mice and men question C was soo easssyy, inspector calls was a little bit harder.
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    (Original post by Ravmaster100)
    I found it okay, I know I didn't do great on it though :/
    Why call yourself Ravmaster?
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    Think I did alright. I could have done with some more quotes really though. I remembered some but not entirely related to what one I had to do - 'Of Mice & Men.' Same for Blood Brothers really...
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    I did A View From the Bridge and To Kill a Mockingbird. The latter was definately easier and I answered the question about the Mockingbird title. View From The Bridge was suprisingly hard (I thought it was going to be the other way around).
    I just wrote a load of romantic crap for the poem part.

    Overall I did better in my mock where I got an A*. I seriously hope I get Swine Flu or something tonight so I can say it affected my Grade
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    (Original post by johnlegend)
    how many pages did everyone write in total!?!?!?!
    12 in total
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    11 and a half or 12. Can't remember
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    Mockingbird i answered question C and inspector calls i answered C as well, i made Birling be the abuser of power man

    Overall i think i did alright.
    The poem was really good to read. And i usually hate poems.

    I wrote that the metaphor of him being porcelain illustrates how weak and fragile he feels or something along those lines blah blah.

    I found both the A questions fairly easy. Inspector one especially, that was a doddle
    C for Mockingbird i think i did well on,
    C for Inspector, im not so sure on. I did alright i guess. Tried to pack in a few quotes, though some of them were likely not how they were actually said, i knew what was said but not the exact words so i attempted to paraphrase it. I dunno if it will count really.
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    I did To Kill A Mockingbird and Blood Brothers.

    I thought the questions where rather friendly but we'd been told there's always a "Write from the perspective of _____ after the novel" for Mockingbird and "Give advice to the actor playing _____" for Blood Brothers and neither came up. Thankfully, I despise those questions

    I did "Why do you think Harper Lee chose the title 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?" and "Which character do you sympathise most with? Give your opinions with reference to how Willy Russell presents them in the play." (owtta) I chose Linda but I was actually tempted to choose Mr Lyons. I'd have never written enough though, especially for presentation!

    The poem was beautiful! I loved it! Most of the practice poetry we've done has been about pollution and nature, so it was a welcome reprieve!

    One question. If I put something a wee bit obscure, but justified my opinions by drawing parallels and whatnot, will I be likely to get the marks still?
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    (Original post by Ivy2412)
    Just one question, you know the Candy question? Was it 'look over the event, from Lennie and George's arrival' or 'express your feelings after the death of Lennie'? Please tell me. (:
    'look over the event, from Lennie and George's arrival'
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    English Lit is not my strong point however I have to say that this paper was fairly easy, contrary to the concensus of my fellow pupils.

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    a) Harper Lee's presentation of Miss Caroline - thoughts and opinion of her?

    I chose b) for the option (Why did Harper Lee choose To Kill A Mockingbird as a title). Answered on the lines of the times the book was written (inequality, racism towards black people), also a Mockingbird can be compared to Tom Robinson and also Boo Radley. I did 2 for this.

    Inspector Calls
    a) How does Mrs Birling's come across to audience in extract?
    I put about her showing no remorse and being uncooperative towards Goole etc etc

    I chose b) again, which was who abused their power. I chose Mrs Birling and wrote about how she neglected the help when Eva needed it and could have prevented her death with her power but turned her down over a petty excuse. Also, I mentioned her adamant behaviour etc etc.

    Winter Swans
    I have read the above posts, many people including peers have mentioned about a couple but I completely interpreted this in a different angle, talking about "unison" and "unity". Fail!

    Oh well, best of luck all! :woo: Roll on 27 August .
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    (Original post by neesh_27)
    stone cold wer the novel ...wasnt too hard! it was gd infact (:
    Blood Brothers was the play.....was ok

    HATED THE POEM....jus waffled on 4 it!

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    (Original post by Questing, Not Coasting)
    i feel gd now
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    To Kill a Mockingbird Q was brilliant 'explain the importance of the title '
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    i loved the poem about the swans!! at first i didnt get it but after reading it again, it all made sense. welll...i hope lol

    did anybody else write about it being about how the swans were kind of symbolic to the couple's relationship? and they were demonstrating to the couple how they should be, e.g how they 'stopped' the couple in order for them to dive into the water - 'in perfect union'
    and perhaps union was what the couple were missing..with them walking separated, not holding hands etc at beginning

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    Hey, i know this is quite late but do anyof you remember what the Romeo and Juliet questions were?


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