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Harder to give a circumcised guy a blowjob?

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    My boyfriend is circumcised and I seem to find it more difficult to pleasure him as much as I could with guys who were uncircumcised. I mean I guess most of the pleasure in "un-cut" guys from the gliding motion of the foreskin down the head of the penis, but if a guy is "cut" and the head is permanently exposed and rubbing against material etc. it will surely become more desensitised? So where do circumcised guys still feel a lot of pleasure then - the base of the penis or so? :confused:
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    Well, I was with my boyfriend before he had his operation and then afterwards, when he was circumcised. I haven't had a single problem is pleasuring him orally but maybe your technique has to change a little. Reduced sensitivity is expected but my boyfriend says, as soon as he becomes aroused, it is almost just as sensitive again. Your boyfriends experiences may have been a little different though and he may be less sensitive now. Ask him for feedback on what he likes and doesn't like? His balls may be more stimulating for him although don't forget that the tip still is really sensitive. PM me if you want to talk about it but not infront of the rest of the thread readers?
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    It's really hard to describe without giving ''sex tips.''

    From my own experience I have found much difference in how 'difficult' it is, you just have to adapt your technique. PM me if you want and I'll tell you what I used to do (lol :redface:)

    If not, then just talk to him. Experiment with what you do and listen out for any noise he's making.

    My bf is circumcised and you just have to make sure your not blowing him dry if that makes sense without giving tips, and you just have to make sure he tells you what hes liking.
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    We feel the stimulation in the head, just like circumcised men. I don't know the difference, in the end you want to stimulate the head the most.
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    Ok so far but just a gentle reminder to watch it on the sex tips. There are also a lot of guides on the internet if you type it into google for more graphic descriptions. Ta guys.

    Circumcised penisis are cleaner, so it's better for you right?
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    I think your going to find the answer to your question on a different website if you are infact looking for tips.

    As commented on if he is verbal about what he likes, then you can adapt to that.

    i second the thought of being sure to have lubrication. if you use your hand you'd better be sure you used lube.
    else: most likely it's not harder to please him than any other guy, but for some people it's true, that they are less sensitive.
    but then everyone is different anyway? why don't you try? where's the problem?
Updated: May 27, 2009
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