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No classroom observations for PGCE interview???

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    Hey, so heres my problem...I have had my PGCE interview letter since the end of April and i sort of skimmed through it and i was just about to start my prep and i realised they want me to have done some hours of observing the subject i want to teach in colleges...anyway, my interview is not till middle of june...but..most colleges are on study leave now for exams so there arent any lessons i could possibly observe anymore...(and im sure my study leave was in may when i was at college so still wouldnt have been enough time for me to organise really) and i am meant to bring my observation notes to my interview....EEEEK. I have student mentoring under my belt already and in the process of sorting out a placement teaching abroad this summer....so, do i be totally honest about not having any lesson observations...i reallllllllllyyy dont want to be dishonest about anything ever but i dont want to jeapodise my place on the course to start this year....pllleeeasse someone advise me what to do! I do realise i should have got my arse in gear as soon as i wanted to do a PGCE! Any advice much appreciated....

    It's pretty shocking that you didn't think to get any classroom experience before now. I can't imagine you being offered a place without it tbh. For a start is shows poor organisation skills, which are very important in teaching. Secondly, how do you know what to teach if you haven't done any work experience in a classroom? These are the sort of things your interviewers will be thinking. And I really wouldn't recommend lying, as I'm sure it would be obvious that you were doing so.

    What is the specific PGCE that you've applied for?

    You need to arrange some! If you don't you won't get an offer, as it sounds like a condition of the interview.

    Ring around Sixth Forms as most of them keep their students until end of term.

    Primary school will be running until the end of july so give them a ring. Actually just ring all the schools in your local area im sure someone will have a class you can observe.
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    Oh yea i agree its absolutely shocking! Just had a tonne of personal problems for the passed few months which i wont go into right now and they have prevented me from getting any (as it was only a few months ago i decided i wanted to teach). I just tried to ring round the local colleges and they said ring back next week when half term is over so hopefully luck will be on my side and i will get something! if not, bye bye pgce sep 09 i guess!

    yeah most colleges keep their AS level students after thier exams so they can start thier A levels...so there should be plenty to watch between now and your interview...if not just go for primary or middle years...they are all in school till July.


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Updated: May 29, 2009
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