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    (Original post by kularm)

    I went to Iceland last October as part of my sixth form studies. If there is one place in the world you have to go, I would suggest there. Apart from the obvious geological value, it has some of the most beautiful sites around, and on most nights, depending where you are, you can see the aurora borealis A.K.A Northern lights, and believe me, they are a once in a liftime sight.

    I also went snowmobilling on top of Iceland's biggest Ice Cap. It was amazing until we were told about us actually going many metres away from a volcanoe which erupted not long ago, i think a small one happened last year.

    Its quite cute that all Icelanders believe in the 'little people'. These are the equivelant of trolls who look after every rock and tree etc. The country even go to extreme's. You are not allowed planning permission where there is thought to be trolls. So as you drive around reykjavik you see many unused plots where there are a mass abundance of rocks, thought to be 'Little Homes'

    I would suggest everyone goes, even if you don't do geology, I will probably go again later in life. But one thing that detered me was prices. Not of flights or hotels but general goods. I.E. a pint over there costs £4, a bottle of coke, small, is £1.50 upwards.

    I would suggest staying in reykjavik for one night then travel along highway 1 anti clockwise around the country - - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
    :party: :cheers: :party:
    oh yes all of that is soooooooo true... cant praise iceland enough!
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    I was looking for case studies for the GL3 paper, and other general stuff for GL1 and found this... I'm doing the AS WJEC geology papers in less than two and a half hours... GL2 was okay, a friend of mine said he thought the photo of pillow lava was a bivalve, so I can't have done too badly. I'm going to get back to finding some more case studies now, I reckon that that's the main thing you need in GL3.
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    i do AS geology too! i'll be a member. i loved geology until today-had my AS exams!! boy i failed miserably!
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    (Original post by smurfride)
    i do AS geology too! i'll be a member. i loved geology until today-had my AS exams!! boy i failed miserably!
    You can join me in my depression.... i have never cocked something up so badly in my life! i want to cry!

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    so glad i'm not the only one!! my Gl 1 paper i probably collected a total of 4 marks!

    also- bouncy i went to iceland in february with chool and it has to be the most amazing holiday i've ever been on!! what an incredible place! snow everywhere and we got stuck 4 times in the snow on the bus and nearly missed our flights home! gutting we didnt!
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    My GL1 paper was one of those that i've either done really well or terribly badly and judging my the reaction in here its more likely the latter hehe Keep your heads up guys!
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    aye! bet you've done well! I defo did bad as i left half of the q's out, i went totaly blank!! ah well resits it is then!
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    Ah well, at least they're over- my school doesn't do geology to A2, so i guess it's another year of geog, physics and media until uni... sigh
    GL3 in welsh paper was death by boredom, but i guess it beats general studies at any rate... Smurfride, how do you keep up with three sciences still(?), GCSE was enough for me...
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    no ****, a geology society! geology rocks! LOLOLOL!!1111ONEONENENLOLZ)R!1o1 ne

    im doing WJEC A2 geology - got module 4 exam in...36 hours. Havent revised as such, hoping its gonna be pretty easy tho. I only need a C in geology to get my first choice uni, but still id obviously like an A in it.

    geology owns

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    btw, add me to the members list

    why have there been like no replies for over 2 weeks? Thats ghey.
    Ive been to iceland too, it owns.

    My school's geo department won some kind of award recently, dunno what it was exactly - but OMG SO LEET
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    Firstly have my sincere apologies for not updating recently! I would blame it on a lot of AS exam revision but in truth i haven't done as much as i should have lol! Anyway, now the stress has died down i hope that this society will be coming back to life!

    First thing on my agenda is to update the members list which i will do directly after this post!

    Secondly, is anyone about to embark/ has just started the A2 geology course? I officially started today and i think it looks fantastic! I am going to the Natural History Museum in London in a few weeks time to learn all about the dinosaurs for the first unit of A2 which i think looks fantastic, especially as i haven't ever really learnt much about this!

    Thirdly, as you are all such keen geologists i would like to take this oppourtunity to introduce you to a great book that i hope you are all excited about! The book is titled The Earth: An intimate history and is written by Richard Fortey. I brought the book today for myself (amongst a huge amount of other books for A2) and it has some very good write ups! My geology teacher recommended it to us and having just read the blurb it honestly does look great, so go out there and give it a try!

    If anyone has anything interesting or new that they would like to tell us about in the world of geology then go right ahead please! All comments and discussions are very welcome!

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    I had my A2 GL4 paper on Wednesday - it was pretty gay and hard. I didnt really do any revision for it, couldnt think of anything you actually need to know. Didnt know how to answer a lot of the questions though, oh well

    Got another paper in like 10 days
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    Yeah i did GL4 - bloody dinosaurs! Humm altho last yeah i thort i failed too (maybe not so much as this year) but as its a welsh board, considering the people taking it, all the marks were moved way up (only joking - the welsh are lovely).
    Ive bin to iceland and aaron. Both nice places to go - indeed beer is cheaper in aaron and they have a pub with a communal guitar! But slightly better scenary in iceland i feel. Toddlepip
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    Hey I just finished reading the Richard Fortey book it's good, read it!
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    pwned, paulfect did you did GL5 yesterday? I did geological evolution of the UK and geology of the lithosphere
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    that cool!.... but i prefer more of the geography instead of rocks..
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    Greetings everyone - only just stumbled across this thread - seems that there's lots of enthusiasm for the subject out there. I'm a seismologist, so strictly speaking a geophysicist rather than a geologist but seeing as I've done a degree in Earth Sciences which included a few rocks here and there I guess a geology thread is as good a place as any to start.... Anyone want to know anything about earthquakes then let me know and I'll bore you to death
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    what exactly happens when theres an earthquake?

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    (Original post by rock_tenth)
    what exactly happens when theres an earthquake?

    :rolleyes: Now where do I start.......
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    (Original post by rock_tenth)
    what exactly happens when theres an earthquake?

    Oooo i can answer this...

    the earth..... quakes.... :rolleyes:


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