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UCAS TRACK - will you sign in and check before you get your results?

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    Not sure

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    Thing is, if I haven't made my offer (which is looking increasingly likely, oh help), I'm not sure I'll be able to drag myself into college via a lengthy train journey a couple of hours later, just to get a set of lousy results.
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    My friend found out that she had gotten in 2 days before results day by checking on track :woo:
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    I don't want to. I want to find out the traditional way if I got in or not.

    I might cave though.

    I just think it wouldn't be as special if I did it at home on my laptop at 6am. I'd rather be in college with my family and friends there
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    I'm gonna be very very tempted but I think the current plan is that all of my friends are having a party at a mate's who lives in town the night before and getting wasted so we don't care to get up early and check.

    The main reason I wouldn't look before is that if it goes well and I do get the grades I want then I want to have the experience of getting the results at college and opening it with my friends.
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    I will, I want to prepare myself. Would it be available past midnight?
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    Oh how I remember that when I was waiting for results - sat on here actually!

    Results were up at something like 6am, I got Unconditional for first choice so I didn't give a crap what I'd got! But I had been up ALL night and felt lousy for the rest of the day after the adrenaline rush.
    lol If I get in I will be on a massive high!
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    (Original post by pamelaa)
    Lol... can you read? :confused:
    Yeah, I can write but I can't read :rolleyes:
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    there's no set time it updates- about midnight last few years, but i won't be able to sleep just refreshing
    if i was confident enough i'd wait till i got my results but want to prepare myself if its bad :O
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    Originally Posted by pamelaa
    Lol... can you read?

    Yeah, I can write but I can't read
    hehe Did anyone get in but get a lousy set of results (what the uni wanted but not you!) ? Which feeling took over
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    i kinda want to so atleast if i flop i'll be prepared, but then again if i do well i would like to be honestly surprised if you get what i mean
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    i definately will..the wait would be too long for me
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    (Original post by Dr Acula)
    My friend found out that she had gotten in 2 days before results day by checking on track :woo:
    I just have to say that your sig is amazing, did you make it?
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    (Original post by k9ruby)
    lol If I get in I will be on a massive high!
    Me too! Although if I don't get in, it will ruin my day & I shall go into sixth form crying.
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    (Original post by Oogamy)
    Does it update earlier where SQA examinations are concerned, with the earlier results day?
    Yeah, they can't make you wait a day longer just cause the English haven't got their results!
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    (Original post by Mr. Tizzy XII)
    I just have to say that your sig is amazing, did you make it?
    Thanks, its courtesy of Democracy and its an actual clip form the show
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    What happens/what does it say if you dont make the grades?
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    My worst nightmare would be opening my envelope in front of my friends to find out I'd failed!
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    (Original post by Beam...)
    What happens/what does it say if you dont make the grades?
    Conditional will change to unconditional, I think. Don't know about if you don't get in...
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    I don't want to as it would be nice to know when they are given to me at school....but it's SOOO tempting. If my firm wasn't asking for AAA then I don't think I would look, but the fact that it is, I think the tension is too much! So I think I'm gonna have to check Track!
  20. Online

    (Original post by Pork and Beans)
    I'll probably be F5'ing from about 5am until I find out where I end up :P
    the signiture is brilliant..
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