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Does it bother you that Notts reputation is crashing

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    Don't worry, I'll +rep the university.

    (Original post by josht111)
    I believe the word you're searching for is patrisubjotic.

    From my observations it seems quite clear that, unfortunately, Nottinghams reputation seems to be on the decline.
    As shown by proper indutry lead research, when applying for jobs a candidates university prestige is entirely subjective and based on the recruiters ideas, which 99% of the time don't come from leage tables.

    So, if your being interviewed by a guy who went to notts, or has good co-workers or bosses or friends who go to notts, your'll look better to the guy that matters that someone who've gone to an on paper better university.

    Bearing in mind for any high level job your gonna be interviewed by people like 10-20 years old, and research has shown that their view of your uni will be based on their veiw when they were applying/at uni.

    (Original post by Broadsword)
    You are such a tool bag. if you actually read my original post I barely mentioned rankings. My main point was that the universities calibre of student has dropped dramatically, the best dont apply here anymore, and its application numbers have plummeted as well, Personally I see that as a worrying sign. Oh well, got an offer for Oxford next year for postgrad anyway so I cant say I care greatly anymore.

    you sound cute

    (Original post by Broadsword)
    This proves my point, no other university that has ranked in the same area as us over the years, usually the 8-14 range, has dropped so far back. If you told me when I applied Nottingham was going to end up 20th i'd have laughed. I thought ranking 13th was bad at the time. Sort it out lads!
    It's like talking to a brick wall sometimes. For the 50th time

    1. They are only league tables. Anyone can create their own league table and show pretty much anything.
    2. "So far back" what....five to ten places? Wow! That is such a difference isn't it? :rolleyes: Even if you're going to take league tables fairly literally then you have to accept that around ten places is bugger all of a difference really?

    It really is a sign of insecurity, that you should be so obsessed by the league table position of your university and that it being ranked in the late teens has somehow taken the shine away or made you regret going there. That's how it comes across. What about the teaching quality, the facilities, the evironment etc?

    Anyway, I hoped we'd have some decent debate here but, like I thought, it has just descended into insults and spam not to mention other more "dodgy" behaviour and posting habits.

    Thread closed.
Updated: June 2, 2009
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