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MA Creative Writing - Birkbeck vs City

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    I've been offered places on the MA Creative Writing courses at both Birkbeck and City University. Both have positives (City guides you through the composition of an entire novel; Birkbeck is more rounded and academic , and has some great tutors.)

    I'm tending towards Birkbeck but does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    PS. I've also been offered a place on Manchester Met's online MA. I've been advised by most people I've spoken to not to proceed as face-to-face is better. However, it is a very cost-effective option, and the tutors there are great - again, if anyone has any thoughts I'd be very grateful.


    J. Florence.
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    Hi John (or anyone else):

    Did you get responses to which is a "better" program? What did you decide, how do you like your decision?

    Would appreciate any responses as I'm also trying to decide between the two programs: MA Creative Writing - Birkbeck vs City University.

    All responses welcome.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Too much money!!
    Creative Writing Courses are an easy target I guess if you make the mistaken assumption that all our students want to do is get rich quick by writing a bestseller - and if that's their ambition they are a. unlikely to get on our courses. b. not enjoy our courses.
    A good MA (like ours at Birkbeck) gives the student an opportunity to think quite deeply about the written word and about the world, generally - and at any given point in an MA workshop we might discuss matters of history, philosophy, psychology, and literature. It's rigorously reading-based and even in the depths of a recession we are hugely oversubscribed - we only take 35 students out of about 200 applications. Education, as Aristotle knew, is more than just about training - a good CW MA teaches the student to *think* in a structured and meaningful way as well as apply technique to their work. I would challenge you to try any of our courses and then you can tell me if you think they are a soft option . . .


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Updated: June 15, 2012
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