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Best bank for a 16 year old

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    Who needs three bank accounts at 16 :O
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    I have one bank account. I put money in, I take money out.
    That's all I need :P
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    (Original post by impervious)
    Who needs three bank accounts at 16 :O
    Laundering all that drug money is not as easy as some make it out to be :ninja:
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    I have an ISA (which is never used!) and a normal bank account both with Abbey.

    Have no idea if they're any good! :p:
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    (Original post by tobycs)
    Basically I want to set up a new set of bank accounts as I am sick of my current ones. What I need is a visa debit account, savings account, and isa account with good online access, good security, check book prefered but no neccessary, good reputable interest rates (they don't have to be brilliant now but they were good before the credit crunch)
    Barclays. I had all those things at 16 with Barclays. Never had any problems. Four years on and I've an overdraft of £450 despite not working and not being in university. Really, they're the best bank to be with.
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    I've got a pretty epic one with the Yorkshire. 4.5% interest. There might be a catch though, my dad set it up for me about Feb so chances are it's gone now after the April change.
    Which isn't very useful, sorry.

    I think barclays have a good debit account. I'm with HSBC but they're terrible for 16 to 18, 0.01% or something **** like that. Really need to move to Barclays.
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    I'm with Alliance & Leicester. If you sign up to their Premier 21 Current Account you get 8% Fixed for the first year on the first £1000 you put into the account. The interest is paid monthly, you get all your debit card cheque book and online banking stuff and they usually give you a savings account with it. Also if you sign up and recommend it to a friend, you both get £25 straight into your account.
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    llyods because sometimes you get these random vouchers for like money off hmv and stuff.if your into that kind of thing:p:
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    current account with the bank your parents and any older siblings bank with ...

    has come in very useful that has .... when they realise that that if they piss you off they risk loosing 100 -200K in deposits yearly ( if everyone in the family changed banks even if you aren't mega earners)

    savings /ISA - put your savings in a Mutual - YorkshireBS/ Nationwide/ Britannia are the big three when it comes to mutuals - as the mutuals act in the interest of their savers and borrowers not their shareholders
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    The FSA have a search engine you can use to compare banks here
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    thanks for the help


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