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How do you reply to someone congratulating you?

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    What's the standard mode of reply for an congratulatory email? D:

    I feel really awkward, I don't know what to type because there's more than 2 parts to the email and the that part isn't the important bit, so it doesn't feel right just throwing in a random 'thank you' after responding to the first half...

    Also, it's a formal email.

    Yay for social ineptitude! .__. I hope this is the right forum for this.
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    Cheers big ears! :borat:
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    "once again, thank you for ______ and _______ "
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    You could always write on the first line, "I would first like to take the opportunity to thankyou.."

    or something like that..?
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    Hmmmm... I was going to write 'thank you for your support' or 'thank you for congratulating me' but they didn't actually support me at all and the latter is just silly and it makes me want to puke reading it.
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    "Thank you for your kind words in your previous letter" ?
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    Thanks, Guinny
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    Perhaps say "Thank you -- " and then add a little detail about what they were congratulating you about to clarify? E.g., if it was passing a test, put at the end of the letter, "Thank you so much, I was really surprised/pleased/etc".
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    (Original post by snail_87)
    "Thank you for your kind words in your previous letter" ?
    Ah, that seem good :]

    I'll write this.

    Thanks everyone!
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    (Original post by Nick_000)
    Cheers big ears! :borat:
    I lol'd
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    "Thank You" is traditional. Didn't they teach you manners in school?


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