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Most Underrated Bands (Rock)

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    Which bands do you think never deserved the appreciation they deserved based on their skill and lyrics?

    I feel Alice Cooper is definitely the most underrated bands of all time.
    I also feel Thin Lizzy isn't recognised well enough for their amazing songs.
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    Oh dear. It's one of those threads that mention multi-million selling artists and call them underrated. Do you know how much commericial and critical success Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy have had?

    Underrated, to me, would be someone like Tim Buckley or Nick Drake. But, despite being ignored during their brief lifetimes, these beautiful souls are now fairly well known. Nick Drake's fame started in the 1980s (he died in 1974, I think) and has only grown since. But these are still more underrated than most of the acts mentioned here are.
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    In b4 Neutral Milk Hotel, the most overrated underrated band ever... :p:
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    The Vines!
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    When I mean underrated, I reiterate, the fact that they are extremely overlooked nowadays. Sure they have their fanbase, but they are widely ignored by this generation.
    When Alice Coopers 'Along Came a Spider' album came out last year, there wasn't much hype, but the usual fans knew the songs were brilliant.
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    I don't really understand how a band can be the most underrated. Underrated is different from lesser known I imagine? or unsigned?

    all the same I love pifco
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    there's a small rock band called 12 Stones who are very underrated...they got an image for being christian rock when they came out which kinda hindered them..
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    (Original post by W_i_l_l)
    The Vines!
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    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    they are amazing!!! listen to cat & mouse and your guardian angel!
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    (Original post by Saro_656)
    In b4 Neutral Milk Hotel, the most overrated underrated band ever... :p:
    haha totally!

    (btw, love the Menomena avatar!)
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    (Original post by Svenjamin)
    haha totally!

    (btw, love the Menomena avatar!)
    + rep for you tomorrow for being the first to spot it
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    Twisted Sister and Dee Snider's another band Widowmaker.
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    Nonpoint. Definately.
    And maybe Our Lady Peace...
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    (Original post by Saro_656)
    In b4 Neutral Milk Hotel, the most overrated underrated band ever... :p:
    Nope, I'm afraid Sigur Ros overtook them not so long ago.

    As for underrated bands, there's too many to name but Sparklehorse seem so have disappeared again.

    And as for all those people who list their friends postman's nephews indie band's or whatever; they're not underrated, they're just unheard of (or *****).
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    The Beautifull South, countless brilliantly wrote songs
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    The View. Wait, no. What?!?
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    People use the word underrated too much. This thread could easily be called "Most overrated bands" and it would still make sense.
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    (Original post by will...)
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    (Original post by will...)
    Reuben are a great live act.

    Although I usually like older, "classic" rock bands (mainly 70s/80s), I think that Alexisonfire are really underrated. They're not to my usual taste, but they have a fantastic energy as a live performance. If you get the chance to see them at a festival or something (I think they're playing Reading/Leeds?) then I strongly recommend that you do.


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Updated: September 9, 2011
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