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Major Student Nights in Southampton?

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    Can anyone list the major clubs or clubnights in Southampton?

    what goes on on each night etc? nothing in crazy detail, just want to get a vague idea of the nightlife! Cheers
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    Monday - Cheap @ Jesters
    Tuesday - Cheap @ Sobar or Tight and Bright @ Reflex
    Wed - Student Night @ Oceana or AU night @ Jesters or Cheap @ Dungeon or Alternative @ Rhino
    Thur - Metal/Punk @ Unit
    Fri - Kinki @ The Cube

    I'm sure there's alot of other stuff going on for the nights I listed and the weekend but I tend not to frequent the main city clubs if I can avoid it.
    If your just around the city center in the summer take a look at whitehouse, junk, rhino, oceana, kaos, unit, orange rooms and reflex. I'm not sure what of the above would be running.
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    Revs is awesome always. (Vodka Revolutions, that is)
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    (Original post by omicronlyrae)
    Revs is awesome always. (Vodka Revolutions, that is)
    Is that the one that is the same franchise as the one in Manchester on Deansgate Lock. I went theyre the other night, it was brilliant.
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    i would assume so, Revs are everywhere.
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    Thanks for the info - anyone else got any comments?

    REP AVAILABLE! I need to find out about the nightlife for a project: most importantly where students go on each night of the week!
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    Monday - Jesters
    Tuesday - Buddha Lounge/Orange Rooms/Vodka Revs - Bedford Place!
    Wednesday - Oceana/AU Jesters
    Thursday - (Pretty much nowhere, although most likely...) Portswood - Sobar/Jesters
    Friday - Kinki!!
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    Monday - Jesters
    Tuesday - Sobar... £1 doubles or quids in at Orange Rooms
    Wednesday - student night at Oceana
    Thursday - as someone allready said..no where really, sobar again probably
    Friday - Kinki, or even more sobar
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    Whitehouse isn't bad on a Thursday is it? Haven't been in a while though.
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    Monday OC is an alternative.
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    Mondays: Jesters cheap night (like it's not cheap already!), or The OC in town cheap night

    Tuesdays: SoBar cheap night, or Orange Rooms in town cheap night - followed by Revs free entry

    Wednesday: AU night at Jesters or Oceana

    Thursday: None that I know of

    Friday: Kinki at the Cube

    I tend to go to all of the cheap nights in town, but go to Jesters/SoBar whenever I feel like it, seeing as it's already pretty damn cheap there, and it's ridiculously busy on their cheap nights. I personally never go to Oceana, really. Whitehouse in town is also pretty groovy, but it brings out my mischievous side, and it's also quite expensive.
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    Can someone explain what a AU night is please? Am I right in thinking that its a clubs and soc's night?

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    (Original post by DarkAngel04)
    Can someone explain what a AU night is please? Am I right in thinking that its a clubs and soc's night?

    Athletic union. But other societies tend to do socials on a Wednesday as well.
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