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How to answer OCR History A: Paper 2 (Sources)?

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    Please can someone give me some last minute tips on how to answer the OCR GCSE History: Schools History Project A: Paper 2 (Sources Paper)?

    How much time should I spend on each question and generally what techniques do you recommend?


    Samuel Shoesmith
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    Im doing this paper this afternoon (medicine).

    Remember with these questions- always try and keep it relevant- dont ramble on or have a knee jerk reaction to the sources.
    Always spend about 5-10 minutes reading through the sources before you start answering the questions. If it helps- write things down on the question paper itself and on the sources.
    For question 2 and after that until the final question- try and cross reference with other sources. Ask yourself- Does this source agree with that source or does another source disagree with that source. Cross refrencing automatically moves your mark up and you can only get top marks if you cross reference.
    For the final question where it will normally give you a statement and tells you to compare all of the sources, spend at most 5 minutes making a table showing which sources disagree and agree with that statement. Even though it says compare all of the sources, only compare those which are relevant to your answer. You do not have to compare all of them. To get full marks for the final question or if you are stuck- you MUST consider reliability of a source. Doing this you will be awarded 2 marks automatically and without considering reliability, you cant get full marks for the final question.
    Remeber to always use your own knowledge and the source in your answer if it asks you. Not doing either of these in your answer means you will only get a maximum of 2 marks.
    The topic of the paper is Surgery in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
    Good luck!


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Updated: June 11, 2009
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