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La Senza bra sizing....

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    Is it just me, or do La Senza bra sizes come up small?

    In most shops, I wear a 34DD comfortably. But in my La Senza bras, I ordered 34DDs and they look OK but they don't fit right as I really bust out of them! Hence, they may look good just on their own but under clothing it's not very suitable.
    I am thinking of ordering my next bra from them in a 34E.

    Has anyone else had this problem with La Senza? Do you think a 34E would be a good bet?

    Thanks :-D
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    la senza is well known for coming up small. yea i think it would be a good bet. im a 34D but in La Senza i have bras that are Es! you just have to try them on and keep receipts etc xxx
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    The band size seems to be one smaller, and as I'm a 38, I cant shop there anymore
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    Im a B cup and i had to buy a D cup to fit in the bras!!!! I was stuned. made me feel good about myself though ;] hahahaha
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    Yeah they do come up small.. marks and spencers come up small too I find??!

    I went there to get measured once, and this woman just pulled back the curtain and went.. what bra size are you wearing? And I told her and without even getting out a tape measure or seeing if my bra fitted properly she just said, yeah thats fine and shut the curtain!

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    im a 34E, and in there im like a 36DD
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    Some of them are pretty padded; I usually take the padding out and then it's fine for my size
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    I find 32DD fine for me
    But I guess it is different for everyone
    Try Ann Summers, they're supposed to be good sizes
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    I think the sizes are just weird. I've got these two bras from la senza, both are plunge so not much style difference, ones a B and the others a D :s I usually try a C first and work from there, and I ended up having to go up a cup in one and down a cup in the other. It was ridiculous. Don't shop there much anymore 'cause it takes so long to decide if it fits right or not when you're not getting the size you measure!
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    Yeah, I'm wearing 32FF La Senza right now and it's on the smallish side, don't have that in other stores... :\
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    I can wear a 34DD in most places, but in La Senza I really bulge out of them like a glamour model or something! Nice for the bedroom but not good under tight tops!!!
    I actually wanted to get measured properly so I asked at La Senza but the woman just brought me bras to try on and didn't even measure me properly.
    I might try their 34E, probably a good idea. Am thinking of getting one of their 'Georgia' silk style bras...anyone own one/think they're nice?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I find them small too :sadnod:
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    I've only ever bought one from La Senza, same size as all the others I wear and it is definately too small :woo:
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    I got measured there, she fussed around for ages giving me different ones to try on and put me up two cup sizes and down a back size...it made me feel good :P 34B to 32D, not bad!
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    I don't shop in there cos my back size is a size bigger than they go, but all my friends seem to come out in at least a size bigger than they are normally. It's bizarre.
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    Hi, I would suggest a 34F if you bust out of the DD, since I have been told a DD is the same as E just different way of labeling the size. I also have on occasion noticed vairances in sizes from different brands, in some brands I can get into a C cup comfortable whilst other brands I cant get myself into a D cup so for that reason I now try to stay to the same brand.
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    i'm completly confused by la senzas sizing guide
    got measured yesterday in m&S 30D
    Johnlewis said 28D
    and when i tried the bra sizes on in the corrospanding shops they fitted fine
    went on la senza to find out my size because at 28 back i can't buy anything
    and they said i should be a 32A ?!?!?!
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    Yea im a 32D in la senza but im actually a 32C. I'v stopped buying their bras though cos the ones I have bought have either shrunk or got really baggy x
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    I agree. I don't buy bras from La Senza anymore, they're not very good.
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    La Senza's bras are more fashion bras as opposed to bras which are going to do the job well. I've stopped using La Senza for underwear anyway because it's all too big on me. I bought a 32A from there and although I agree it's smaller than most 32As, it's totally not right. Really I need a 28 or 30 back but they don't stock those sizes.


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