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    The second generation seemed a lot younger and more naive to me. More relatable and therefore more interesting to watch . When I watched Tony and co , I didn't really get into it .
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    First one FTW, they're my generation and superior in many ways. 1st gen + Effy and Pandora on drugs was perfect.
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    (Original post by Shadowplay)
    First one FTW, they're my generation and superior in many ways. 1st gen + Effy and Pandora on drugs was perfect.
    I agree.
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    I really love both generations, they're similar in some ways, but so different in other ways. I'm not too sure which I like better, I think I'll decide better when this 4th series is finished, then I've watched equal amounts of both generations to make a better judgement.
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    First 1 defo. This new lot lack originality. And the acting is terrible
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    1st generation were far, far better, provided you covered your ears every time Michelle said 'Tonyyyyy' in that annoying way.
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    I'm second generation age (year 13 now) and I much preferred the first. The first series (I didn't like the second, it went OTT) which was pretty much middle class kids with their issues I could easily relate to. The new series though just seems somehow 'young' even though they are arguably doing far 'worse' things than the first cast. They remind me of year 11 kids for some reason - just found alcohol, sex and pot and go crazy and try and look cool because of it - note Effy's list in series 3 episode 1.
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    Meh, I like both equally, I would say the only character that I really don't like in either generation is Cook.
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    First. Those twins are very annoying. Maxxie :love:.
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    first generation were waaaay better. All the second generation ever do is get into fights, have sex etc.- its all a bit too unrealistic tbh
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    I liked both gens. Can't wait for the 4th season.
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    None of them are realistic so please don't delude yourself. Unless you're from the Congo, like bizarre girls, have red hair, are a lesbian, have chilli eating contests with local gangsters, drink, smoke, do weed, do pills, have a broad East Midlands accent and live your life as a massive sex fest all in five or six weeks.

    The slag in the second generation was better looking than the one in the first generation. Also Nicholas Hoult sounded posh and belonged in a private school.
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    (Original post by rofflewaffle)
    First. Those twins are very annoying. Maxxie :love:.

    :drool: :drool:
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    I preferred the 1st generation. Although the talent is better in the second...
    Effy = :drool:
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    I prefer the first generation but that's cos I was their age I think. I do think the second generation are underrated tho, I still like them
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    Skins 2nd gen for reason in my sig
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    I've watched every season and prefer the 2nd cast by far. They're more complex and more interesting. They seem to have developed these characters a lot more than the first season, the storylines are grittier (and dirtier, sexier I feel) Overall, much more enjoyable.

    Oh and up until Cook started being an absolute prick, I fancied him SO much. In fact, I like Jack O'Connell IRL - he's still a 'jack the lad' and is dead cute lol.
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    Is anyone else picking up on the fact that Naomi says 'I love you' to Emily in both Episode 9 of Series 3 AND the Series 4 trailer whilst the response from Emily always seems to be 'I Know'? Of course this could purely be speculation but I can't imagine the relationship will stay intact throughout an entire series!

    I will be interested to see how the new character develops and can only hope that Cook makes like Chris from S2 and has a large cranial haemorrhage.....
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    I think it should have ended after 2 series, I watch this cast and I just hate it

    It's just not the same
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    I've watched all 3 seasons in order and love both gens, but think I prefer the second, mainly because of Emily, Naomi and JJ. The second season got really dark, and wasn't so fun to watch, with all the death and brain damage and the like. But in season 3 we got cute lesbians, Cook and ass2ass, so yeh definitely going with second gen. =D can't wait for it to start


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