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Vodka or Whisky ?

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    which is more "stomachable" in your opinion ?

    say a vodka like smirnoff red and jack daniels
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    hmmm... yum
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    i was just gonna say jack daniels im a girl that likes jack daniels and coke oh yes

    vodka i drink coz it's cheap but it taste like w***
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    (Original post by 300mg)

    hmmm... yum

    This, basically
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    I've never drunk whisky; I can't get it past my nose. The smell alone makes me want to die.
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    Whiskey. A youth spent drinking cheap, nasty vodka to excess prevents me from touching the stuff these days.
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    MMmmmmmmm JD
    MmmmmMMmm Southern comfort
    mmmMMmmmmm Whisky
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    Vodka :coma:
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    Anyone had a BMW? (Baileys, Malibu and Whiskey)?

    That absolutly killed me at xmas :woo:
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    Whiskey on its own. Vodka with a mixer. :yep:
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    Whisky, Brandy, Bacardi Rum, etc, are all better. Plain Smirnoff Vodka in my experience is completely tasteless and utterly awful; like drinking some sort of antiseptic wound cleaner ... or paint stripper. It's not that I'm weak with alcohol, I like stuff like Aftershock and the spirits mentioned above, I just hate Vodka.
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    whisky if going straight

    preferably southern comfort or jack daniels

    any if mixing
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    Vodka, can't even stand the smell of whisky.
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    I do not like this question, wheres the range of choices dude? I mean if I had to pick one I'd probably go with the person above who said Whisky neat on the rocks and Vodka with a mixer (can and will drink it neat though). Above all though I love a nice Absinthe with sugar, can't beat it!
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    Vodka anyday. I downed a shot of whisky at xmas...thought my insides were on fire lol
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    I much prefer Whiskey to Vodka, it tastes nicer in my opinion. Either straight or with Red Lemonade. And if its not Jameson, its not nice
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    Whiskey, but Rum and Gin are better.
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    Vodka, a lot better than Whiskey imo but I can stomach both.


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Updated: July 3, 2009
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