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Student finance site not working !!!!

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    I havn't completed the application for my student finance yet, as i needed to find my passport number!
    For the last few days the website is down when i click 'resume application'. It just gives me this error...

    An error has occurred while processing your request. This has been automatically reported to the system administrator, who will investigate and address the problem. Please wait for 24 hours and then re-try your request.

    I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week and I'm going to miss the deadline!
    Anyone have any ideas or share the same problem!
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    I had the same problems pretty much with the site, I just printed off a hard copy of the application form, which is on the website somewhere, and sent that off...
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    the deadline is 9 months into your uni, unless you want your first payment on the start of your course. thats what it said on the website.
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    Its working again now! well at least it's let me log in...

    Keeps saying my alias idea is wrong though so i can't log into the bit where My dad fills in his details..

    =/ stupid f****** website!
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    Yeah i got the same! ARGH Save the trees!! Anyone know if i'll still be eligible to apply even if its non means tested? Not assessed on household income?? Thanks!
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    I get this error too....arghhh stupid website.
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    I just gave up and sent off the paper forms cause I was having that much trouble with the website.
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    My sodding printer's not working!!!! lol!
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    is anyone else having the trouble with opening/saving the finance forms off the website - don't know why its happening, i've got the latest adobe reader. gah i think i'm going to have to go to my town hall to get the forms.
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    your dad should have his own alias ID sent to him by SFE.
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    (Original post by Exon88)
    Its working again now! well at least it's let me log in...

    Keeps saying my alias idea is wrong though so i can't log into the bit where My dad fills in his details..

    =/ stupid f****** website!
    Just got back from hols and the site finnaly works!
    Im trying to get my dad to support the application but its also telling me that the alias ID or date of birth is wrong.. stupidddddd!!!! :mad:
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    Ok now I know people have said student finance is working for them now but for a long time now I've been getting this

    404 Page Error - Not found
    We're sorry - we can't find the page you're looking for.

    What could have caused this?
    We might have removed the page or it might be temporarily offline due to maintenance.
    Or the link you clicked might be old and not in use anymore.
    Or you might have accidentally typed the wrong URL in the address bar.

    What you can do
    You can try retyping the URL.
    Or we could take you back to the homepage.
    Or you could use the sitemap to find what you're looking for.

    Now I've done everything I've needed to do but I've got my results for my course yesterday and I wanted to check if there was anything i needed to do now even ucas is down for the day. So does anyone know if there is anything I needed to do now considering nothing seems to be working or if anyone is having this problem


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