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How Did Emma Watson DO IT.

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    (Original post by MB2Z)
    Yeah i did subsequently read your post carefully and realised i just repeated what you said, but i couldnt be arsed to change it.

    I know anything about Emma Watson. But hopefully she chooses Cambridge then.
    Oh, fair enough then.

    I take it you mean 'I don't know anything about Emma Watson'? Haha, but yeah I think she might.
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    Yeah, im not some crazy stalker, I know nothing about Emma Watson.
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    I think it's unfair to say that tutors alone are accountable for her very good grades... but having a tutor would allow her learning schedule to be tailored towards her weaknesses etc., which would be a huge help! She is just naturally intelligent, industrious and confident in her abilities - as we can see in the films; so she deserves those high grades.
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    On a computer :awesome:

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    (Original post by _Fleur_)
    No, I'd never heard of such a course either. The Telegraph evidently has no idea what it's talking about.

    I haven't, although I'm planning on applying in September and I know a thing or two about how it works, including the importance of academic potential relative to unrelated extracurriculars. However, there are surely some exceptional cases? Emma Watson's professional acting experience hardly falls into the same category as being a school prefect or captain of the hockey team. Nor is it completely unrelated to the sort of qualities they are likely to be looking for in an English Undergrad. In fact, as part of the English course, you get the chance to work on films in your third year. I do see what your saying, yet I refuse to believe that her role in Harry Potter wasn't a factor when the admissions tutors were deciding whether or not to offer her a place.
    I think with a case like this, it is exceedingly unusual and it would be very difficult for any admissions staff not to consider her the professional career of someone who is known throughout the country for it, even if they consciously tried to. I'm not sure that it would necessarily affect the way they go about making the decision, but with someone who has been famous already for a number of years it is pretty much impossible that their judgements weren't coloured by what they knew of her acting.

    As far as ordinary extracurriculars are concerned, I think that misconceptions are down to those who aren't at Oxbridge deliberately perpetuating the myths (notably in "Oxbridge Entrace: The Real Rules", which is a dreadful book and misinforms people - one must imagine either deliberately or due to complete lack of research by the author - about the nature of Oxbridge applications under the guise of trying to level the playing field for students without private educations) in combination with an incorrect identification of correlation with causality. Yes, a great many Oxbridge students excel - both before they come to Oxbridge and while they are here - in fields beyond their academic course, but I believe this is simply because this is very natural for people who are intelligent and motivated - two key characteristics which are important for a sucessful applicant - and not because students are selected on the grounds of their exploits beyond their academic field. Indeed, it is the fact that they are the kind of people who are suited to Oxbridge courses that causes them to excel in extracurricular activities, and not the other way round.
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    No idea if she ever applied to Cambridge but our newspaper today said she's going to Columbia this autumn because she thinks it's too hard to stay anonymous in England and she'd prefer to have a fairly normal life. :dontknow:
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    I heard that she got offers from both Cambridge and Yale, but accepted a place at Yale.

    Either way, I think that does demonstrate intelligence and hard work, so it isn't completely fair to say 'Oh, she's rich so she's bound to do well'. Not all wealthy people do well academically. The royal family's record is terrible.
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    Well, I don't know how reliable it is, but our news paper did quote her, so the Columbia thing should be true. Though she doesn't specifically mention Columbia, she's just saying that she wouldn't want to stay in the UK.
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    Does anyone know what her GCSEs and A-Levels were in? Any reply is appreciated
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    (Original post by taamuuu)
    Does anyone know what her GCSEs and A-Levels were in? Any reply is appreciated
    I don't know her GCSEs but if I remember rightly her A-levels were English, Art and Geography, where she got straight A's.
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    Magic spells she stole from HP. -_-
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    Why are people commenting on her being rich? There are plenty of rich dumbass celebrities who could have the best tutors in the world but they still wouldn't ace their exams. It's not about the money, it has very little to do with the tutor, people who are educated in college/ sixth form also come out with A grades without private tuition. She likes to learn, she went ahead and put her head down and got good grades. Simples.
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    Confundus charm on the examiner.
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    (Original post by _Fleur_)
    The Telegraph evidently has no idea what it's talking about.
    Does it ever?
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    I have to admit I respect Emma Watson for still going to uni when she has so much money she could easily live the rest of her life in luxury. She's being a good role model imo, and it's always nice to see somebody that seems to genuinely like to learn :h:


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