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Annoying customers

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    A couple of weeks ago I had a customer come up to me (i'll also add here, that i'm fairly new to the job and i think it was my 3rd or 4th shift that this happened) with a bunch of slightly wilted flowers and complains that she had been bought flowers by her kid for mothers day, but they had died too quickly and that "it just wasn't good enough considering the flowers cost £6" I asked her when they were bought and she said a week and a half ago. What on earth does she expect; immortal plants?

    i passed her on to another member of staff and she ended getting a replacement. It certainly kept me laughing for the rest of my shift though.

    I manually dialled a number from my home landline earlier for the first time in ages, and instinctively started the phone number with a '9'.

    (Original post by Georgie_M)
    So customer comes in orders a latte, I go over to our machine and I'm just about to push the 'latte' button when...

    'That's not the latte button'
    Me: excuse me?
    Customer: I used to work with that machine you aren't pressing the right button, it's that one (points at Americano button)
    Me: erm... I've worked here 2 years this is definitely the right button.
    Customer: no it is not! I want that one press that button.
    Me: if I press this button you will get an Americano.
    Customer: no I won't it's the latte button I KNOW.

    Ok ******** enjoy your Americano.


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Updated: April 16, 2014
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