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The most right-wing and the most left-wing university?

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    LSE havn't been left wing extremists for years, hell Tony Blair's entire new labour concept eminated out of people linked to LSE and if you search their forums LSE is full of wannabe investment bankers, laywers and economists.
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    A) Oxbridge
    B) Oxbridge
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    Most left has got to be SOAS, LSE, Warwick or QMUL - think about it.

    Most right - er, Oxford, Cambridge and St.Andy's?
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    Do you mean the student's or the institution's political views?
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    (Original post by Elipsis)
    A) Oxbridge
    B) Oxbridge
    Perhaps its true of other universities too (likely), but political views are certainly a contentious issue where i'm at - everyone knows who the resident marxists and thatcherites are, so this could well be true.
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    Does UEA give off a hippy vibe to anybody else? It just seems too 'alternative' to function.
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    (Original post by Altruistic1)
    Warwick is apparantly very Libertarian. Infact, my tour guide told me Gordon Brown opened one of the new £50m science buildings.
    Libertarians are right wing not left. :p:
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    Liberty University has to be the most right wing.
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    A) essex
    b) bucks old uni
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    B- Royal Agricultural College?
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    (Original post by vander Beth)
    Does UEA give off a hippy vibe to anybody else? It just seems too 'alternative' to function.
    Please don't tell me you stole that off Mean Girls!? :p:
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    SOAS definitely seems to be the most left wing.
    Right wing = surely Oxford? Or yeah, I can imagine St Andrews being pretty damn conservative.
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    Manchester's union is full of rampant, slavering Lefties. One look at the candidates in the student newspaper i picked up, and all of the stuff they post on their website is really left-leaning.
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    bucks new uni
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    Think you'll find Durham is more right-wing than Oxford and Cambridge in terms of students anyway.
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    I can't really imagine any university being overly right-wing, unfortunately.
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    A) Queen Mary/University of Manchester
    B) Durham/Oxford
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    A) SAOS.
    B) Durham.
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    A) Kings College Cambridge / Wadham Oxford
    B) Durham/Brasenose Oxford
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    a| SOAS - if there's a uni more left wing than soas then.. well, there isn't one. God bless it, it's charming in it's own way :p:
Updated: April 11, 2012
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