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Graduate employer guides - Add your experiences in return for a subscription

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    As you may or may not know, the TSR Wiki's graduate employers page is currently undergoing changes, intending to help inform gradutes regarding potential employment and relevent employer information.

    Graduate Employer Guides

    If you have successfully applied to one of the listed graduate employers, we would like to hear your experiences of doing so, giving readers an insight into the process as well as advice from those who have gone through it.

    Adding information to the Wiki is simple, simply select the link for the employer you wish to edit, scroll down to the 'Experiences' area of the page and select the [edit] link on the right hand side. You can then input your details, select save and the page will then be saved. If you have any problems either refer to the Editing Help link or feel free to ask any questions in the Wiki forum.

    For quick reference, those most applicable for Legal are as follows:
    Addleshaw Goddard
    Allen and Overy
    Baker & McKenzie
    Clifford Chance
    CMS Cameron McKenna
    DLA Piper
    Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
    Herbert Smith
    Norton Rose
    Simmons and Simmons
    Slaughter & May

    Many thanks, we look forward to hearing your experiences of applying to such prominent graduate employers.

    Finally, those that contribute will be rewarded riches dependent on the contribution made. To earn enough riches for a months subscription for example, requires a paragraph for each section. Simply post in this thread when you have added your content and you will expect to have riches added in the near future.


    - Chris
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    I have added my experiences of attending a vacation scheme at DLA Piper. xx
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    (Original post by blinkbelle)
    I have added my experiences of attending a vacation scheme at DLA Piper. xx
    Excellent Thanks a lot! (Riches added )
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    What about firms not listed there?
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    I added my experiences for a training contract application at DLA Piper.


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Updated: October 26, 2012
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