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Hills Road Sixth-Form College

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    Okay.. I know this is a bit premature since I've only just finished Year 10 but I'm already thinking about sixth-form. I've been looking at Hills Road to see what kinds of grades you need to get in, but of course the kind of stuff they say on the website might differ from reality.

    Here are my predicted grades:
    6 A*s (French, ICT (CiDA), Maths, Science (3 sciences)).
    5 A's (History, English Language & Literature, Graphics, Lifeskills).

    I have already completed my GCSEs in Maths, French, and IT...
    (Next year I'm doing GCSE Spanish, AO Maths, and French Bridging in their place)... but that's not important.

    Anyway, I think I'm way out of the area but do I still have a chance of getting in?

    Edwin Walker
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    I believe that if your not in the catchment area it is very hard to get in as it is so popular of course you could always try for a scholarship to one of the other cambridge colleges perse girls/perse boys - they are ranked at a similar level to hills road i believe
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    Go Long Road.
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    the sixth form college i'm going to is VERY oversubscribed but its not done on where you live at all.. its done on who hands their application in first. so if you're in the first 700 giving in your form at the college i'm going to - you get in.. regardless of where you live.

    phone up their admissions and ask what their policy is. i wouldn't think it automatically means your're not eligable becuase you don't live near.. because in theory anyone anwhere could apply to the college i'm going to.

    and grades wise - you won't have a problem. most state colleges require 5 c's and some ask for a b in the subjects you wish to study..
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    You could just go the full way, and apply for Eton. You could apply for the scholarship, if you got it i think they house you or you can use the money to find a house/living place. Also even if you don't go it would look mighty fine on your UCAS "appliedand was accepted to Eton college, could not attend due to personal reasons"
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    Hills Road usually pick people with straight A's and A*'s, I should know, I applied last year but didn't get in....

    I went to Long Road instead, and I'm really glad I did, it's a general rule that people who go to Hills Road moan about it all the time and people at Long Road love it =]

    It all depends on your personality!

    Good luck on your application =]
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    Okay.. by out of the area I mean that I live in like a little village, about 15 miles away. Someone who lives down the road from me got into Hills Road I think so maybe it might not be a problem.

    It's either Hills Road or SWCHS sixth-form for me. Ha. Well, thanks for all the help people.
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    is SWCHS samuel ward?
    if so, good luck with hills road!!
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    Ummm... no.
    Saffron Walden County High School.
    A Level Points '08: 807.


    Hills Road:
    A Level Points '08: 1046.
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    I know lots of people who went to Hills Road, and they all lived about the same distance away as you do. And they didn't need straight A*s either.
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    yeah, same, i have plenty of friends who went there, just because we lived in haverhill. I never knew until today that it is supposed to be difficult to get into... i spose it could be..
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    I applied out of area last academic year and got in. I waspredicted 8A*'s and 2A's and applied to popular subjects (bio, chem, phys and double maths). A friend of mine was predicted the same grades and applied for rarer subjects (like music tech) and didnt get in, so its mostly down to luck.

    I was given a 1 in 5 chance of getting in (50 out of catchement places for 250 aplicants) so was pretty lucky. I have heard there are more in area applicants this and next year, so places will be more contested. The deal is, they will only fill sets with out of area people, they wont put on a whole new set even if the demand is there.

    Having said that, it is a brilliant sixth form and I'm enjoying it loads.
    Best of luck!
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    I'm going to apply to do:
    Double Maths
    A science.. not sure which one yet.

    Would these be more or less popular courses?
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    My friend was out of the area, but he got in with 2 A*'s and the rest A's; he's doing History, Biology, Economics and Geography


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