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Why do you train?

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    One of the few things money can't buy, you can only earn strength and size through hard work and willpower.
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    (Original post by JulesB)
    One of the few things money can't buy, you can only earn strength and size through hard work and willpower.
    The irony being that you do need a fair bit of money. Just that beyond a certain point it makes no difference
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    General health and for sport
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    Stay healthy, improve fitness & makes me feel good in myself.
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    I think the question should be, why wouldn't you train?
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    aesthetics brah u mirin

    well no one is mirin right now but give it time!

    and i much prefer the feeling of living a healthy lifestyle than not, much more rewarding mentally and physically
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    Pure vanity at the moment, well damage limitation....I have lost my way, need to get eye of the tiger again.

    Thing is because I don't care it means my diet is appalling and I drink lots more. I need to do some running on Sunday and see how I feel.
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    Like probably some people have said, "aquire aesthetics and get shredded as fuark" but keep it 100% natty ofc.

    Eat clen and tren hard guys (this is a joke don't get mad lol)

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Updated: May 3, 2013
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