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Tom Clancy

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    Anyone read any of his stuff? I've read a few of his, I think they are either very good, or quite boring. For example i found Patriot Games and Red Storm Rising (very long) really good, but I thought Shadow Watch was quite boring. Opinions?
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    I've read a few. Patriot Games is excellent, and executive Orders is pretty good. I started Bear and the Dragon but didn't finish it for some reason I can't think of, though I was liking it.
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    Yeah I'm about 150 pages into Bear and the Dragon, can't say much has happened.
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    The best book Clancy done was Clear & Present Danger. About two thirds of his output is okay, but the last good book he did IMO was Rainbow Six. I found his books from The Bear & The Dragon onwards to be boring drivel, with an increasingly high percentage of jingoism. Red Rabbit was one of the worst books I've read
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    Yeah I am a bit bored with The Bear & The Dragon, the only interesting that happened was in the prologue!
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    Well, you've got around another 650 pages of very much, I'm afraid to say
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    Oh excellent :/ .
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