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Revision notes for Edexcel are here!

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    hey there guys,
    I recently found a few Revision Notes for Biology, Chemistry and Physics so i m directly posting the links here so that you could go to your page of interest directly while there are alot of other notes aswell: (Medical Physics) (Physics Unit 2) (Physics Unit 1) (Chemistry Unit 2) (Chemistry Unit 3 n you could say A2 unit as well for organic chemistry) (for Biology) (for Biology)

    And the actual Page from where you can get the rest:

    Well I copied this out from the other thread there in AS A2 Alevels, i think more ppl need it here
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    thanks a lot mate, that site is great, im strugling with physics at the moment, and with my exam being in 2 weeks time, them notes are great,
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    anyone know where i can get Edexcel A2 physics notes? Good ones from unit 4 till 6. Please help coz didnt find any on the link posted.
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    i'm doing edexcel physics too, but theres an AQA website for physics notes that you can make use of if you know whats in our syllabus and what isn't.

    umm, btw, edexcel units 4 and 5 can be found in the link that says module 4. module 5 on the website is AS stuff. hmm, yeah, anyone got more relevant websites, holler out.
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    Thanks for this By the way, how do u know it's for edexcel? I can't see it anywhere!
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    Well,i compared them with the specification, n prolly coz of Medical Phyiscs notes there..
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    Thanks for the links
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    You r welcome, spiral
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    Oh thanks for this!
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    thanx mate... i needed the A2 bio ones..but found them myself by just puttin BYB4 in the url and BYB5... those r good notes!
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    some of the stuff is not relevant as its not in the specification though and some of the unit 5 stuff is in unit 4 aswell...doesnt matter to me cos im doin both but might matter to ppl just doin 5
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    So as long as it helps
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